Crystal clear document viewing in HTML5 using SVG


We believe SVG is here to stay and that the technology is finally reaching a maturity well worth considering in cases like viewing and displaying PDF documents on the web. Only flash has been able to display PDF documents using vector graphics up until this point but we have made some great progress lately in minimising SVG files down to manageable sizes even for very large and complex publications.

As a consequence, we are boosting our efforts to support SVG as an alternative display format and we will shortly be releasing an updated publisher and viewer with support for this fantastic format.

Give it a try already!

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FlexPaper 2.1.0 (classic and flip book) release notes

  • Fix for hovering in FlexPaper Zine HTML to allow the user to hover the entire width of the document

  • Zine now allowing mouse down/drag interaction in both flash and html mode as opposed to mouse move when reading in zoomed in mode. Set the zoomDragMode attribute to true in the <general> node of your UI config file to enable this
  • HTML5 now supports split mode if a JSON file is provided

  • A Java back-end admin console now added for FlexPaper accross all builds

  • jQuery upgraded for the FlexPaper Annotations viewer

  • Issue fixed related to the php setup package and its ability to alter the config file in certain environments

  • Issue related to split json files fixed for flash viewer

  • FlexPaper desktop publisher updated to use split mode for publications larger than 500 kb

  • Selections on iPad are now created by holding down the finger just as any other normal document (affecting annotations + viewer)

  • Search result text now localizable in AdaptiveUI

  • Switching from portrait to landscape in touch devices improved for Zine

  • FlexPaper Zine now works for IE8, IE7 even if flash is not present