FlexPaper Version 2.1.2 release notes incl Zine (flip book) and annotations

Sunday 12th May 2013

  • Bug fixed for IE in HTML mode when zoomDragMode (FlexPaper Zine) was set to false

  • Fixed an issue related to ‘BookView’ and recreating annotations

  • Issue fixed related to the text not being sharp when opening Zine in full screen for the HTML5 mode

  • Improved script and css directory detection to better support moving the flexpaper js and css files

  • Corrected an issue related to using the HTML5 split mode on touch devices

  • Preloaders for the flip book aligned (html/html5/flash)

  • Bug fixed for IE 8 and IE 7 in HTML mode for Zine when using customizable user interface

  • Zine flash mode now displays search abstracts in split mode using a supplied JSON file

  • Bug fixed for FlexPaper in flash mode where printing was causing extra margin to the left and AutoAdjustPrint wasn’t working

  • Annotations (flash mode) now supports different colors for notes (with a colorpicker)

  • Zine flash mode in search mode optimized further for higher performance

  • Corrected an issue where IE 8 and other HTML5 unsupported browsers would try to use the HTML5 rendering mode

  • A few extra checks for the ASP.NET package added to verify that pdf2swf and pdf2json can write to disk

  • Corrected an issue related to drawings in flash mode which were created in html mode

  • Corrected an issue related to drawings being created without ’#’ in front of color causing them to turn black

  • Zine for iPhone now showing white background properly when displaying flip book in single page mode

  • Issue corrected for Zine in single page mode (iPhone mode) where page number wasnt being displayed properly

  • Zine now supports thumbnails (with zoom effect) in HTML mode for IE 9, IE 10

  • PHP scripts for FlexPaper Zine updated to support loading sliced high resolution images.

  • Offset issue corrected for the fisheye icons in Zine (HTML/HTML5 mode)

  • Size margins adjusted for Zine in HTML mode, as the horizontal scroll bars did not show in portrait mode while using Zine

  • Issue fixed where the Zoom scale wasn’t updated properly when navigating out of Zoomed in mode with nav buttons (in HTML/HTML5 mode for Zine)

  • HTML5 rendering routine updated (0.8.75 build # ff616c8)

  • FlexPaper Publisher Installer updated for Mac to include third party executable utilities. Mac OS X 10.6 or higher required. The third party executables can also be downloaded from https://code.google.com/p/flexpaper-desktop-publisher/downloads/list or using MacPorts (as previously mentioned) with the following command

    sudo port install swftools pdfjson pdftk mupdf

  • The HTML5 rendering mode now supports progressive loading when range request headers are supported by the web server except when using an iOS device. Range requests are not supported by iOS.

  • Issue corrected for the annotations asp.net setup package where wrong connection string was used to set up the sample database

  • PHP scripts now updated to use JPEG as opposed to PNG for Zine in HTML mode

  • Corrected an issue for ‘BookView’ where it wasn’t possible to add notes on top of text

  • Issue corrected for FlexPaper Desktop Publisher where previewing a document with more than 10 pages caused some of the pages to render incorrectly in preview mode

  • Major performance improvement for Zine in HTML mode making it possible to render very large publications on low memory devices

  • Fixed an issue with links and HTML5 running split mode

  • FlexPaper Zine now features the ability to add links to URL’s and pages through its config file. FlexPaper publisher for Zine has been updated to support this

  • Issue fixed for clicking on thumbnails in iOS

FlexPaper Version 2.1.1 release notes incl Zine (flip book) and annotations

Sunday 31st March 2013

  • HTML5 rendering routine updated (0.7.250)

  • HTML5 rendering routine compressed another 400 kb to 865 kb

  • Improved stability in turning pages quickly for Zine HTML/HTML5 modes

  • Split mode now fully supported in Zine HTML5 mode to reduce bandwidth consumption. Publications are typically split with a tool like pdftk:

    pdftk.exe Paper.pdf burst output Paper_%02d.pdf compress

    The HTML5 rendering mode will use split mode if the following syntax is used when supplying the PDFFile parameter: [*,padding] where padding is the minimum number of digits in the number with zeros’s (0) used to fill. For example a document split into

    Paper_01.pdf, Paper_02.pdf .. Paper_99.pdf, will use the following syntax:
    PDFFile : ‘Paper_[*,2].pdf’,

  • PHP and ASP.NET sample updated to support HTML5 split mode with support for PDFtk as suggested utility for this

  • Performance improvements for Zine (flip book reader) in HTML5 mode

  • Zine in HTML5 mode now uses image thumbnails if they are supplied, to avoid excessive rendering

  • Issue corrected for Safari in Zine (in flip book reader) where the cursor would position itself incorrectly when Zooming in

  • Issue corrected for Zine (in flip book reader) in HTML/HTML5 mode affecting search where the first hit would not always be found
  • Corrected an issue related to text fragments being used from the pdf rather from json file in HTML5 split mode

  • Left and right panels in HTML/HTML5 mode for zine (in flip book reader) now clickable as in flash version

  • Improved performance in rescaling Zine (in flip book reader) in HTML/HTML5 mode using the slider

  • jQuery upgraded to 1.9.1 for FlexPaper Classic and FlexPaper Zine

  • Corrected an issue related to left and right panels in HTML/HTML5 (in flip book reader) mode where they would not show in certain sizes

  • Fixed an issue in Zine/HTML/HTML5 portrait mode where the next button would not work in some scenarios

  • Search abstracts expanding to the left of the flip book viewer now available in the HTML/HTML5 reader

  • Various corrections for FlexPaper annotations BookView mode (InitViewMode : ‘BookView’)

  • Corrections for viewing annotations in full screen where the toolbar wouldn’t show in some cases

  • The HTML mode for the Zine flip book now supports rendering high resolution images when zoomed in with support for sliced pages to optimize download speed and quality

  • Correction for the PHP setup package which causes errors in some file names with spaces in them

  • Zine web server package now includes a java backend example

  • Correction for customizable UI in flash mode where the slider was not reacting when sliding quickly to the low end of the slider

  • Correction for annotations where annotations would disappear when switching back and forth between two page and portrait

  • Reading more improved for iPhone in Zine flip HTML/HTML5 view

  • Fix applied for Zine (flash version) to better manage differently sized pages

  • FlexPaper Publisher now available to Mac users! Make sure the following tools are installed prior to installing FlexPaper Publisher

    if you want to be able to use the full range of formats:

    1) Install MacPorts http://www.macports.org/

    2) From the command line, install the following ports:

    swftools, pdf2json, pdftk, mupdf (you can use the following command to do this: sudo port install swftools pdfjson pdftk mupdf)

As sharp as it gets? Vector graphics in HTML5 flip books

Wednesday 6th March 2013


Our journey with SVG goes on and we have progressed further with minimising HTML5/SVG as well as getting vector graphics to render in flip book style publications and done some great progress. We still think there is plenty of improvement left to be done but we would love your feedback and hear what you think. Try our demo below but please note that this demo has not yet been optimised for FireFox.



Crystal clear document viewing in HTML5 using SVG

Monday 18th February 2013


We believe SVG is here to stay and that the technology is finally reaching a maturity well worth considering in cases like viewing and displaying PDF documents on the web. Only flash has been able to display PDF documents using vector graphics up until this point but we have made some great progress lately in minimising SVG files down to manageable sizes even for very large and complex publications.

As a consequence, we are boosting our efforts to support SVG as an alternative display format and we will shortly be releasing an updated publisher and viewer with support for this fantastic format.

Give it a try already!

Contact us for more information!

FlexPaper 2.1.0 (classic and flip book) release notes

Thursday 14th February 2013

  • Fix for hovering in FlexPaper Zine HTML to allow the user to hover the entire width of the document

  • Zine now allowing mouse down/drag interaction in both flash and html mode as opposed to mouse move when reading in zoomed in mode. Set the zoomDragMode attribute to true in the <general> node of your UI config file to enable this
  • HTML5 now supports split mode if a JSON file is provided

  • A Java back-end admin console now added for FlexPaper accross all builds

  • jQuery upgraded for the FlexPaper Annotations viewer

  • Issue fixed related to the php setup package and its ability to alter the config file in certain environments

  • Issue related to split json files fixed for flash viewer

  • FlexPaper desktop publisher updated to use split mode for publications larger than 500 kb

  • Selections on iPad are now created by holding down the finger just as any other normal document (affecting annotations + viewer)

  • Search result text now localizable in AdaptiveUI

  • Switching from portrait to landscape in touch devices improved for Zine

  • FlexPaper Zine now works for IE8, IE7 even if flash is not present

FlexPaper 2.0.6 for Flex SDK 4.6 now available

Wednesday 13th February 2013

We have just updated our 4.6.0 library for anyone who is using the latest version of Adobe Flex. The previous Flex 3.5 branch will still be updated going forward and still acts as our main branch. 

FlexPaper Desktop Publisher for Windows released!

Monday 28th January 2013


We are excited to announce our newest addition to our component suite, FlexPaper Desktop Publisher! 
This application will hopefully help a great deal to anyone who does not have the knowledge or ability to use either of our web based publishing packages (currently available for ASP.NET, PHP or Java). 

The desktop publisher is currently available to Windows and will shortly also be available for Mac/OSX users.

You can download the publisher from our download page.