Create interactive previews for your PDF page turn publications using FlexPaper Zine 2.1.6


FlexPaper Zine 2.1.6 has introduced a new landing page mode for your publications so that you can publish a miniature of your publications on a web page and let your visitors go into full screen directly from this mode.

You can see an example of how this landing page mode works here:

Enabling this landing page mode on any web page that has FlexPaper integrated is as simple as changing one of the parameters you pass to FlexPaper:

PreviewMode : true,

FlexPaper 2.1.6 Release Notes

Hope you had a great summer if you are living on the northern hemisphere! We have been keeping ourselves busy with getting a new version of FlexPaper ready. We are releasing our Zine version today (Monday) and we will be updating our Classic version and Annotations version in the next few days.

Have a great start on your week! 

  • Issue fixed related to scrolling in portrait on mobile devices where page number was not being updated properly in some scenarios

  • FlexPaper Publisher now better optimizes output of image files and converts PNG to JPEG for better compression. Sizes of publications will be greatly reduced because of this

  • FlexPaper Publisher now automatically splits two-fold publications into individual pages.

  • Changes to “image quality” now also affects the output of the HTML mode

  • FlexPaper now supports a “dual” mode for rendering documents in HTML5 mode. This mode uses either split mode or single page mode for HTML5 depending on if the server and the browser supports range-requests or not. The following example shows how to use the dual mode manually (please note that JSON file needs to be supplied for the split mode to work in HTML5):

          PDFFile : “pdf/Paper_[*,2,true].pdf”,

  • HTML5 PDF rendering routine updated (0.8.335 build # 6c6719e)

  • The HTML5 rendering mode now supports worker threads when using the HTML5 mode in single file mode

  • Major performance improvements for the HTML5 rendering mode

  • Zine loader animation updated and improved so that it shows up more quickly when turning a page

  • Issue fixed (regression) related to selecting text in portrait mode for the flash rendering mode when loading in split mode

  • Issue related to using StickyTools and annotations on iPad corrected

  • Issue related to opening the classic customizable viewer in full screen using IE older than version 10 fixed

  • Adjustments to the thumbnails in Zine for the HTML4/HTML5 rendering mode

  • Issue Fixed for true full screen in some webkit browsers

  • Improved performance for the HTML4 rendering mode

  • New introduced “MixedMode” parameter allowing the HTML5 rendering mode to use images when the zoom scale is small enough for the image to deliver better quality faster. Currently only available in Zine but will be propagated to Classic as well.

  • New miniature mode parameter “PreviewMode” added for Zine allowing the viewer to be displayed in a miniature fashion without toolbars and thumbnails. The viewer will go to full screen when clicked on in this mode. See for an example of this

  • Issue fixed for FlexPaper Zine Flash to make thumbnails rerender in larger size when entering fullscreen

  • Issue fixed for FlexPaper Zine HTML4/HTML5 mode where thumb nails would be unresponsive to mouse over after resizing the control in firefox

  • The clicked “Zoom in” position improved for Zine HTML4/HTML5

  • Issue fixed for Zine related to the StartAtPage parameter in HTML4/HTML5 mode

  • Hardware acceleration now enabled for Safari on desktop for Zine in HTML4/HTML5 mode

  • Issue fixed for Zine where a user background image would not be visible when going into full screen

  • Issue fixed related to Zine flash where the viewer would be incorrectly sized in some scenarios when starting on a specific page

  • Issue fixed where going into full screen on iPad/iPhone would render a too large device view port

  • Transitioning smoothness improved and a issue related to flickering on Chrome fixed