FlexPaper 2.2.0 Release Notes

  • Search abstracts added to the FlexPaper Classic viewer

  • New flat design implemented for FlexPaper Classic customizable build
  • Page loader position corrected in FlexPaper Classic
  • Touch/swipe regression issue corrected for FlexPaper Classic
  • New init view mode added for touch devices. Supplying “TouchInitViewMode” will use the supplied view mode for touch only devices such as tablets, phones. If nothing is supplied then the viewer will assume “SinglePage” for tablets/phones
  • Touch/swipe improved in SinglePage mode for FlexPaper Classic
  • +/- buttons now zooming on touch devices too, were previously using fit width/fit height
  • Pinch/Zoom for SinglePage mode on touch devices improved
  • Margin adjustments to annotation tool bars
  • Mixed Mode (optimized HTML5 loading) added to modes: ‘Portrait’, ‘TwoPage’, ‘BookView’ and ‘ThumbView’. Split mode is required to take advantage of MixedMode.
  • Issue related to loading document files across domains in Flash split mode fixed
  • Issue fixed related to loading different size documents in Flash (Portrait mode) where the resulting page would be too large (causing extra white space around the page)
  • Issue corrected where pages were not being unloaded properly in some scenarios for the HTML4 portrait and single page rendering mode
  • Fixed an issue where the selectable text would not be added properly when using split mode in TwoPage and SinglePage for the HTML4 rendering mode
  • Minor corrections for the HTML4 mode when using the Flip Book mode.
  • PDF2JSON updated to version 0.66 improving with the ability to fully describe external links
  • Issue fixed where link hints (hovering over a page) in HTML5/HTML4 mode would not be removed when rolling out of the page
  • New publication preview mode added which shows the front page of the publication with a clickable arrow. Set the ‘PreviewMode’ parameter to ‘FrontPage’ to use this new mode. The parameter ‘PublicationTitle’ can also be set in conjunction to this which will display a title for the publication if set.
  • Issue fixed where onCurrentPageChanged was not being fired in Portrait when using Zine (the turn page/flip book) in flash mode
  • Retina rendering mode for iPad in Zine improved further in performance in particular as to how dom elements are created
  • Publication preview can now be configured in the style section inside FlexPaper Desktop Publisher
  • Fixed an issue where certain links would not be clickable in very specific scenarios when using FlexPaper flash in flip book mode
  • Various performance optimizations
  • Improved dispose method for Zine in HTML5/HTML4 mode as some references to events were still undisposed after calling dispose
  • Reduced memory footprint on the flip book in HTML5 and HTML4 mode

How to : preview your page flip PDF publication in iPad without a real device

With FlexPaper Desktop Publisher, publishing a PDF to web flip book no longer requires any form of programming skills or manual conversion tricks to add interactive page turning animations to your PDF documents and convert the PDF to HTML5. 

But how do you test how your PDF publication will look like on a device when you don’t have one lying around? You may not even have a final web site to copy your publication to. We have solved this in Desktop Publisher by adding a preview mode for mobile devices. You can access this preview mode from within Desktop Publisher by simply publishing your publication and then clicking on the “Mobile Preview” button in the publishing dialog window as seen below. 


This will open a new window with the publication visible in a “emulated” iPad window. Please note that this is not a real emulation and that the resolution is most likely reduced compared to a real device. What FlexPaper does to preview your PDF flip book is to “fake” the user agent and convert the touch events to mouse events so that the viewer treats it as if it was a iPad device even if its running on a desktop PC without touch support. 


What most people don’t know, is that the same can be done by simply adding a “#mobilepreview” parameter to the url of the viewer. For example to initiate the same preview mode in any browser simply append this parameter like so:


How to : open a PDF document in the browser at a specific page (flip book or classic portrait)

This week we’re starting a new how-to series which will demonstrate a number of common practices using our classic and pdf flip book viewer. 

There are a number of different ways of opening your online pdf publication at a specific page. If you do not want to configure this manually then desktop Publisher helps you do this work for you as can be seen in the screen shot below. You can also see that I have selected flip book as the starting mode for my pdf publication. You can select any starting mode you like. 

If you publish a document and take a look at the javascript code that FlexPaper Publisher has produced for you, then you will see the page parameter being set in javascript as well. We have removed the surrounding parameters to avoid cluttering the example. 

{ config : { StartAtPage : 5

The last but not least important way of opening a document at a specific page in the browser is through the URL. By simply supplying a #page parameter as part of your url you can have the browser open the document at a desired page. This is especially useful when you want to send a url to a work mate or friend and point out a specific page. You can see an example of how to do this with our html5 flip book viewer below:


FlexPaper 2.1.9 Release notes

This maintenance release fixes a number of minor bugs and two security issues in some of our PHP and ASP.NET example scripts. A special thanks to Craig Arendt for identifying these issues!

We encourage you to update to this version.

  • onDocumentLoadedError now supplying error text in HTML4 & HTML5 mode

  • CSS performance improvements from removing unnessecary > * selectors
  • Improved security restrictions for how documents are loaded in our PHP/ASP.NET/JAVA examples
  • onInitializationComplete event added which fires when the viewer has initialized
  • Issue fixed for the annotations bottom toolbar on touch based devices
  • Issue corrected related to not being able to draw on visible pages on iOS7 devices in some scenarios
  • Slight corrections in relation to touch support for iPad (HTML4/HTML5) mode when viewing the document in portait mode
  • Issue fixed where certain user defined links would not appear properly in Zine (HTML4/HTML5 mode)
  • Fixed an issue where the Zine viewer in HTML4/HTML5 mode would shrink too much when resizing the window
  • FlexPaper Desktop Publisher now escapes all non-ascii characters (for example, ‘å’ becomes ’u00e5’) when exporting JSON files which will help in making more PDF files IE7 compatible when using the HTML4/HTML5 modes

  • Issue fixed where PDF files would not be downloadable in Zine flash version even if the download icon had been included
  • Issue corrected in a scenario where setting MaxZoomSize caused viewer not to be able to zoom when using Zine in HTML5/HTML4
  • Issue corrected where slider input controls in desktop publisher were not initialized properly
  • New style property added to FlexPaper Zine: ability to turn stretching of background on or off
  • Fixed an issue where custmo background color was not being set properly for tablet devices in Zine