This weeks summary of questions and answers

Question : Is it possible to disable print but allow copy

Answer : You could remove the print button from the toolbar in the desktop publisher. Text will still be copyable as long as you don’t tick the “Read only” mode.

Question : Mobile: Two-Page-View in portrait mode of a phone

Answer :

You can force any touch device to start at a certain view mode by supplying the following parameter:

TouchInitViewMode       : ‘TwoPage’,

Question : Is it possible to showing the user who has created an annotation in the annotations viewer?

Answer :

Yes! It is possible, we added this functionality to the build we released in may. Set the following parameters when starting the annotations viewer to enable this:


UserCollaboration       : true,
CurrentUser             : ‘Erik’,

Question : Is it possible to disable toolbars on the top and bottom?

Answer : Yes it is indeed possible, all our commercial license holders get access to a build in where the user interface is fully customizable and all buttons can be removed or new ones added.

Question : Accessing FlexPaper functions through an iFrame

Answer : May be a security restriction imposed by you from the browser that prevents this. Feel free to send us a url via email and we can investigate further

Question : Get currently selected text with FlexPaper API?

Answer : We don’t have any such method exposed at the moment but we may very well be able to add this for you. Contact us via email for a follow up

Question : How do I safely unload the viewer?

Answer :

Please use the dispose method to do this. Like so:


Question : Where do I put the license key?

Answer :

You either enter the license key into desktop publisher (if thats what you’re using) and desktop publisher will set it for you automatically as part of the publishing process


You set it manually by populating the key parameter in javascript where the viewer is getting created like so:

                { config : {
                key : “$YOUR_KEY”,               


This weeks summary of questions and answers

Question : after clicking on “publish & view”, i can’t view in browser or mobile preview

Answer : Could be that you have a local firewall that is blocking the application from showing the preview, are you getting any other warnings ? And this is the same with all documents you tried?

Question : Unable to upload pdf

Answer : Please contact us via email with a link to where you have deployed the viewer and we will have a look at your configuration ([email protected])

Question : Can the software be used to create a stand alone HTML4 and HTML5 version of the PDF ?

Answer : Yes you can load a these resources stand alone without being connected. Contact us for a code sample on how to do this

Question : Is it possible to add a “previous page” control to the FlexPaper toolbar?

Answer :

We don’t have any implementation for managing browser history built into the viewer but this is not hard to add since FlexPaper is a jQuery plugin. See the following link for suggestions on the best javascript history plugins

Simply call the $FlexPaper(‘documentViewer’).nextPage() and $FlexPaper(‘documentViewer’).prevPage() on navigation

Question : Fullscreen in iframe issue and loading performance issue

Answer :

Set the “allowFullScreen” attribute to true on your iframe tag if you want the viewer to be able to go into fullscreen from your iframe. See the code snippet below for an example on this:

Question : Preserving book marks.

Answer : We don’t have this as part of our current build but we have ongoing discussions around adding this and we can provide you with examples of how to create your own bookmarks if you want to – contact us via email for details on this

Question : ThumbIMGFiles issue

Answer : Not quite sure what you mean but you can indeed load the viewer without setting this parameter. If the parameter isn’t set then FlexPaper will render them on the fly

Question : ASP.NET MVC 4 Supported?

Answer : Yes, but we don’t have any out of the box examples of this. Feel free to contact us via email with your code samples and we can discuss with you.

Question : Zine Flip Mode – Zoom Stuck at 100%

Answer : Hard to know whats going on without looking at your document – send us a link to where you have published your document and we’ll have a look for you (to [email protected])

Question : Fullscreen mode onload

Answer : You can’t load flexpaper in fullscreen on load, your options are to use the PreviewMode and set it to “Miniature” or “FrontPage”

This weeks summary of Questions and Answers

change to fullscreen on document click
Posted on Tuesday June 10, 2014

You can set the PreviewMode parameter to “Miniature” if you want the publication to be opened in full screen when clicked.

HTML5 API.highlight
Posted on Tuesday June 10, 2014

We have added this function to our HTML5 viewer as well. Its available from version 2.2.5

Customized Thumbnail
Posted on Tuesday June 10, 2014

Thanks for your feedback ! Unfortunately not possible in the current version of FlexPaper

Fullscreen button missing on mobile and tablet devices
Posted on Tuesday June 10, 2014

The full screen button is not visible per default to the mobile devices. You can make it visible by opening the UIConfig file that desktop publisher has produced for you (the .XML file) in a text editor and look for the following:

<element type=“button” id=“bttnFullScreen” icon_height=“39” icon_width=“39” visible=“false”/>

The “visible” attribute should be set to true for mobile if you want this icon visible, so simply change it to:

<element type=“button” id=“bttnFullScreen” icon_height=“39” icon_width=“39” visible=“true”/>

and you should be fine.

Toolbar show/hide functionality.
Posted on Tuesday June 10, 2014

The Zine viewer has its toolbars defined in the UI_Config file. The easiest way of customizing this file is to import your pdf file into desktop publisher and publish your document from there. This will produce a UIConfig file (a XML file) for you that you can then copy over to your web application

Hello, installed the program. Not what I expected, how do I uninstall it?
Posted on Tuesday June 10, 2014

If you installed it in Windows then simply use the “Add/Remove programs” in your control panel. In Mac OSX you simply delete it from your Application folder.

How do I allow users to download original pdf using download button?
Posted on Tuesday June 10, 2014

We had an issue in some of our builds causing the file not to be downloadable as a single even if this was selected as a setting. You can fix this by editing the index.html file that desktop publisher produces for you and change the following:to

PDFFile : ‘docs/Paper_[*,2].pdf’,
PDFFile : ‘docs/Paper_[*,2,true].pdf’,
The document name will be different in your case, the important change here is the “true” part that I have marked in bold for you.

Mistake in Finnish toolbar tooltip
Posted on Tuesday June 10, 2014

Thank you for these corrections!

The flash viewer has these translations compiled into the swf file. We can send you an updated build with these changes in if you contact us via email (so you don’t have to wait until next release).

Is there a way to bookmark search results?
Posted on Tuesday June 10, 2014

No there isn’t any way to do this at the moment unfortunately. Feel free to send us an example of how you would want this to work and we may be able to add this to our next build for you (send it to [email protected])

Are there any size or page count restrictions?
Posted on Friday June 06, 2014

No such restrictions except for the Zine trial which is limited to show 10 pages.

This weeks summary of Questions and Answers

Doesn’t print the exact width of the page (was like 60%)
Posted on Thursday June 05, 2014

Perhaps you used margins in your browser print set up dialog which are cutting into the print? You can also try to set the AutoAdjustPrintSize parameter on the viewer:

AutoAdjustPrintSize : true,

Is there a plugin to implement FlexPaper Zine on Drupal 7 ?
Posted on Thursday June 05, 2014

Yes there is but we do not manage that plug-in project. You can find it on the url below:

we have purchased Flexpaper, preview is displaying fine but tool bar is not displaying.
Posted on Thursday June 05, 2014

Perhaps you are using our customizable build but have not included the toolbar files (UI_flexpaper_desktop.html and UI_flexpaper_mobile.html)?

In the answer above, you mention “in HTML mode” and “in flash mode”; does the same approach work in HTML5 mode?
Posted on Thursday June 05, 2014

It could be that the server you are loading the PDF from doesn’t support CORS. Contact us via email and we can help you investigate this

How to hide print button which appears after right click on flash page ?
Posted on Thursday June 05, 2014

This option will not be there if you use our read only build from our commercial download area

Some images not rendering a high resolution but others are?
Posted on Thursday June 05, 2014

That sounds a bit odd – contact us via email ([email protected]) and we will have a look at your configuration. Make sure you include an url to where you have published your document.

would it work if user doesnt have adobe
Posted on Thursday June 05, 2014

Yes we have HTML4 and HTML5 modes that do not require any Adobe products (like flash or acrobat reader) to be installed

Problem loading pdf through PHP publishing
Posted on Thursday June 05, 2014

Yes if you have set flash to be your display format then there should be swf files in your working directory. If you’re not getting any of these then your SwfTools installation is most likely not working as it should.

Windows has a few quirks in using PHP and allowing external applications such as SwfTools to run so I would really recommend setting things up in Linux as opposed to windows to make things easier for you.

extra information property of mark class for “note” annotation
Posted on Thursday June 05, 2014

We have added the possibility to supply a User to our latest annotations build. See our latest release notes for info on this:

Flexpaper marker color property is not working in HTML 5
Posted on Thursday June 05, 2014

Change the “type” to “highlight” from “strikeout” and you should be fine

FlexPaper 2.2.6 Release Notes

We have started rolling out version 2.2.6 today. This version contains new enhancements for collaborations to our annotations viewer, a few enhancements for our flip book viewer and minor bug fixes.

How to update:
This release does not require you to republish any of your documents so if you want to install the update without republishing your documents then simply copy and replace the following resources from the distribution file that you are using:

  • FlexPaperViewer.swf
  • js/ (directory)
  • css/ (directory)

Changes in this release:

  • HTML5 rendering routine updated (1.0.117 build #6a800eb)

  • Issue fixed where the mouse wheel handler for flexpaper classic in flash mode caused repositioning issues
  • Small corrections to the flat design of the annotations viewer
  • It is now possible to adjust the flip speed for the page transition in FlexPaper Zine from desktop publisher (under Publication Settings)
  • Issue corrected where cancelling the print dialog didn’t cancel the print when printing in flash using split mode
  • Issue corrected where it wasn’t possible to select existing selection annotations in certain scenarios
  • The annotations viewer in flash mode now adjusts the font size of notes so that they are always readable even when zooming out
  • Our annotations viewer now supports collaborative notes. Setting the following parameters enables collaboration between users in notes
    UserCollaboration : true,
    CurrentUser : ‘Username’
  • Issue fixed where printing using flash in some browsers caused the print dialog to stay after the print completed
  • Issue fixed where the viewer would not resize to fill screen in full screen mode when using the FlexPaper classic customizable build
  • Issue fixed where FlexPaper would steal focus incorrectly in IE11 and below
  • PHP scripts updated to use readfile for binary files to avoid encoding issues for certain environments
  • Fixed an issue where some annotations with associations were not deleting their associated objects properly in flash mode
  • Added extra visibilty for the scrollbar in webkit