This weeks summary of questions and answers

Question : publish 100 pdf files as html5

Answer : No need to convert anything if you just want to publish them in HTML5 mode. We render to html5 directly from a PDF file. If you want to convert to html4 or flash in a batch then I recommend having a look at the “manual conversion” documentation section in our docs

Question : can we delete print and copy action in zine with commercial license?

Answer : Yes you can, all our commercial clients are given access to a read only build in where copy and print has been disabled

Question : How do I add a custom element and download link to my publication?

Answer : The question around buttons has been answered before. Please see the following thread:

You can add a download link to the pdf document by ticking the download button inside desktop publisher (its right hand side)

Question : Can we use zine viewer unbranded?

Answer : You can indeed. The Zine viewer is unbranded when you are using a commercial license.

Question : gotoPage() API method

Answer : Not quite sure why it would do this – please forward the url you’re using to our email address ([email protected]) and we’ll inspect further.

Question : Set custom urls for each page?

Answer : You can create custom urls for your pages if you use our desktop publisher for Zine. It defines a configuration file which can contain your own url’s. No need to know anything about javascript.

Question : Only one zoom level? Not enough for phone/tablet.

Answer : You can add further zoom levels by expanding the advanced settings in the publishing dialog in desktop publisher and ticking the “Optimize publication for low memory / CPU devices using PHP”. This will add further depth to the zoom.

Question : Is it possible to disable mousewheel zoom?

Answer : I’m afraid this is not currently possible. We have added this as a enhancement request

Question : Why won’t the folder with my flexpaper document appear in Filezilla?

Answer : Not sure why it wouldn’t show up in FileZilla – perhaps you can post a few screenshots of what it looks like? The folder has no special attributes so it should show up fine

Question : gotoPage() API method

Answer : Its probably better to place the gotoPage call in the “onDocumentLoaded” event handler as opposed to the onPageLoaded event handler. A reason for this is that if you load the document in two page mode then the viewer may trigger that it has navigated to page 9 if that is the left hand side of the page even if you are triggering gotoPage for page 10, so this could confuse things for your script.

FlexPaper 2.2.7 Release Notes

We have started rolling out version 2.2.7 today. We will first be updating our classic and annotations viewer and will be updating the zine viewer early next week.

How to update:
This release does not require you to republish any of your documents so if you want to install the update without republishing your documents then simply copy and replace the following resources from the distribution file that you are using:

  • FlexPaperViewer.swf
  • js/ (directory)
  • css/ (directory)

Changes in this release:

  • Regression issue fixed where the viewer wouldn’t download the full publication in some scenarios even if provided (Zine)

  • Issue fixed where the hide/show annotations were not calling hide/show properly in the customizable annotations build
  • ‘forceSinglePage’ will now work on desktop as well as mobile mode of the html5 viewer. Please note that the bottom thumb nails will not be visible with this turned on.
  • FlexPaper classic flash version will now use the supplied JSON file (if any) to generate links with better accuracy. It will also precache JSON files to improve search speed
  • Correction where onCurrentPageChanged didn’t fire properly on touch based devices when using the page number input box
  • Further checks added to next() and previous() in the HTML5 viewer to avoid spamming with events
  • Corrected an error related to displayFormat not being set properly when creating associative annotations
  • Improved checks for avoiding to fork too many processes in split mode
  • Improved the ability for Safari on desktop to zoom using transform scale in HTML5
  • The aspnet package for our annotations viewer has been updated and a few issues fixed
  • Alternative export option added for images in desktop publisher. It uses the SWF file format to export to PNG. Enable it under the conversion settings in desktop publisher
  • onPageLoaded event added to the HTML5 viewer
  • Improved responsiveness to the toolbar in the annotations viewer for small touch devices (such as the iPhone)
  • Issue fixed where IE10 and below would draw associative lines in HTML5 mode for the annotations viewer incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where onMarkDeleted was not triggered when using the api for the HTML5 annotations viewer
  • Further checks added for new annotation marks being added to the HTML5 viewer in order to avoid duplicates in very specific scenarios
  • Added a missing swfsize query script for our ASP.NET annotations set up package
  • Fixed an issue where the HTML5 viewer would return the note in note marks as a XML object as opposed to a string when using collaborative mode
  • Fixed an issue where some annotations would not update properly in HTML5 mode when using the ASP.NET sample scripts
  • Fixed an issue where collaborative annotations were not recreated properly in HTML5 mode for some server side scripts
  • Fixed an issue where marks in collaboration mode would sometimes cause a jQuery error to be thrown
  • Improved sharpness of HTML5 rendering in both Classic and Zine
  • HTML5 rendering routine updated (version 1.0.441 build #0ac8380)
  • Issue related to using odd number of backslash characters in flash mode of our annotations viewer fixed
  • Issue related to the print and cancel print button of our html5 viewer fixed where it would cause incorrect navigation in some scenarios
  • Issue fixed where StartAtPage was not passed through properly in the Flash customisable classic viewer for some scenarios

This weeks summary of questions and answers

Question : Looks like the pdf is not correctly loaded

Answer : We’re getting a 403 when trying to access that url. Please contact us via email and we’ll help you set this up

Question : Why if we have file name with “+” not show in flexviewer ?

Answer : Thanks for raising this. It could be that the “+” sign is incompatible with some of our server side scripts. I have reported this to be fixed

Question : Are there any examples?

Answer : I’m afraid we don’t have any examples at the moment. If you want to use the package then you only need to include the “aspnet” folder in your application. No other directories or files from the FlexPaper distribution file are needed.

Question : Why do I get this message (see below) when I attempt to download the desktop publisher I purchased?

Answer : That sounds odd – from where are you downloading the desktop publisher?

Please use on of the URLs from our download page or from within the commercial download area

Question : Is it possible to use the pdf viewer with phonegap?

Answer :

Yes you can use our HTML5 viewers to load PDF documents in a offline scenario such as a PhoneGap application. The sample belows shows how you can load documents from a Uint8Array. 

<!doctype html>
    <title>Form Uint8Array</title>
    <meta http-equiv=“Content-Type” content=“text/html; charset=utf-8” />
    <meta name=“viewport” content=“initial-scale=1,user-scalable=0,maximum-scale=1,width=device-width” />
    <style type=“text/css” media=“screen”>
        html, body { height:100%; }
        body { margin:0; padding:0; overflow:auto; }
        #flashContent { display:none; }
    <link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href=“css/flexpaper.css” />
        function openFileDialog(evt){
            var files =;
            if (!files || files.length === 0)
            // Read the local file into a Uint8Array.
            var fileReader = new FileReader();
            fileReader.onload = function openFileChangeHandler(evt) {
                var buffer =;
                var uint8Array = new Uint8Array(buffer);
                        { config : {
                            PDFFile : uint8Array
            var file = files[0];
<input type=“file” onchange=“openFileDialog(event)” />


Question : I’m having problems getting FlexPaper working on mobile and tablet

Answer : Looks like you have not uploaded all the resources to your server. The server is missing the FlexPaperViewer.js file for example. Make sure all resources are uploaded and you will be fine

Question : Why isn’t the PDF2JSON installation working properly on CentOS?

Answer : hello

i have same problem

pdf2json is installed but it’s not detected in setup page


OS – Centos 6

Question : reload annotations.

Answer : Yes its possible in our upcoming 2.2.7 build – contact us via email for a prerelease

Question : UserCollaboration

Answer : I’m afraid it isn’t possible to restrict reply for certain users in the current build but we may be able to add this for you. Contact us via email and follow up

I upload all documents in CRM. Could i use flexpaper with CRM.

Answer :

This weeks summary of questions and answers

Question : reload annotations.

Answer : Yes its possible in our upcoming 2.2.7 build – contact us via email for a prerelease

Question : UserCollaboration

Answer : I’m afraid it isn’t possible to restrict reply for certain users in the current build but we may be able to add this for you. Contact us via email and follow up

Question : Last Page blank or shifts funny.

Answer : Thats sounds odd – could be the conversion that has gone wrong for this document, how are you converting it? feel free to send us a url via email where this can be seen and we can have a look at your configuration

Question : Does this WP plugin have the same features as the paid version that has the HTML5 demo?

Answer : If you use the wordpress plugin together with one of our commercial packages then yes it can show documents like in our demos

Question : FlexPaper won’t start in “Portrait” mode on mobile devices

Answer : Which of our viewers are you using? That should work fine if you are using Zine for example. Feel free to send us a url via email where you have deployed the viewer and we can have a look at your configuration.

Question : Creating the annotations database. I am having trouble with provided mdf

Answer : When set up completes, it runes a small SQL script that creates a mark table on your database. If this table is missing then that suggests that the user you used may not have had the permissions to create the table. You can see the table definition inside the setup.aspx.cs file.

If you can’t get this to work then contact us via email and we’ll guide you through

Question : Is it possible to disable print but allow copy

Answer : You could remove the print button from the toolbar in the desktop publisher. Text will still be copyable as long as you don’t tick the “Read only” mode.

Question : Mobile: Two-Page-View in portrait mode of a phone

Answer :

You can force any touch device to start at a certain view mode by supplying the following parameter:

TouchInitViewMode       : ‘TwoPage’,

Question : Is it possible to showing the user who has created an annotation in the annotations viewer?

Answer :

Yes! It is possible, we added this functionality to the build we released in may. Set the following parameters when starting the annotations viewer to enable this:


UserCollaboration       : true,
CurrentUser             : ‘Erik’,

Question : Is it possible to disable toolbars on the top and bottom?

Answer : Yes it is indeed possible, all our commercial license holders get access to a build in where the user interface is fully customizable and all buttons can be removed or new ones added.