This weeks summary of questions and answers

Question : How to trigger a javscript function when we click on print icon.

Answer : There isn’t any event triggered by us when the user clicks the print icon but there is a onDocumentPrinted event that gets fired when the document has completed printing.

Question : Going back to the last page viewed when the reader is opened for the second time

Answer : Yes its possible but you will need to save the information on your server (which page the user left the publication on). You can do this by attaching a event listener to the onCurrentPageChanged event and then reopening the publication by passing the last page number to the StartAtPage parameter.

You can see how to bind to this event if you open the flexpaper_handlers.js that we supply

Question : How to Set UIConfig? How to set UI like Whitepaper ?

Answer :

The easiest way of using UIConfig is by using our desktop publisher. You can set it manually in the following way:

UIConfig : ‘UI_Zine.xml’,

Question : Hello, how to open the JPG format image using FlexPaper Zine? Thank you

Answer : Yes you can load JPEG files in the following way:

Question : Hello, I am from China, I want to know how to get software after purchase?

Answer : Our software is delivered via our web site. You will get access to our commercial download area after you have completed your purchase where you can register your domain and download all builds we supply.

Question : I want all my clients to use our site to open the document

Answer : 1) Yes all clients can open your uploaded documents on your domain.

2) Yes, our Zine viewer has a sharing dialog window that your end users can be used to share the document on social networks

3) A 1-domain license can only host documents from your domain. You are fully free to let other web sites use the API on the viewer published on your domain.

Question : Server Annotation

Answer :

1- Yes it is saved on the server. We supply a sample with a database that stores the annotations to all our commercial annotation builds

2- Yes you can choose to use the collaboration mode which will show who created the annotation. Turn it on in the following way:

UserCollaboration       : true,
CurrentUser             : ‘A user’,

Question : I have added the Google Analytics code to my publication, but pageviews are not showing up in Events reporting.

Answer : It could be that you have a blocking javascript or a conflict that is preventing the tracking – contact us via email and supply us with a url to where you have deployed the viewer and we can have a look at your configuration

Question : How to integrate flex paper

Answer : We don’t have a tutorial for the Spring framework unfortunately but we do supply full source code to our java JSP example files which you can use to convert your documents

Question : Events for Social media

Answer : We have added this to our request log – follow up next week via email and we may be able to provide you with a prerelease with this included ([email protected])

This weeks summary of questions and answers

Question : How to print content of flex viewer using asp button in client side using javascript ?

Answer :

$FlexPaper(flx).printPaper(‘current’);  should work fine for printing the current page. As should $FlexPaper(flx).printPaper(‘1-3’); if you want to specify a range or $FlexPaper(flx).printPaper(‘all’); for all pages. 

Question : Online PDF-VIewer. Disallow PDF-Download. However dynamically allow / disallow Printing.

Answer : You can accomplish this in either of our viewers – I would recommend downloading the desktop publisher for zine. Make sure the download button isn’t enabled before exporting your publication.

Question : How do I switch between Tile and Flipview switchmode?

Answer : It will bring the user to the viewing mode that you have supplied in the “InitViewMode” parameter.

Question : Automate the process

Answer : You can automate the process by converting the documents using the command line utilities we recommend. Have a look in our documentation section under manual conversion. Feel free to ask us any questions via email if you can’t figure out how to convert parts of the document

Question : Zine viewer some documents initially show right page blank

Answer : Sounds like this could be a configuration problem – send us the url to where you have deployed your viewer and we will have a look (send it to [email protected])

Question : We want to disable copy/download of the pdf but allow printing?

Answer : Use our desktop publisher to publish your document, simply make sure the download button isn’t ticked when publishing your document.

Question : Why isn’t the PDF2JSON installation working properly on CentOS?

Answer : Hello, the way to solve this problem is to provide the path to pdf2json which is: /usr/local/bin/

Question : The getMarkList() method returns a empty list when it only contains area or text notes, what am I doing wrong?

Answer : Sounds like a configuration error – we did have a bug related to note marks not having their note property properly populated for some scenarios in some of our previous builds but its fixed as long as you download the latest build we have in our download area.

Supply us with a url to where you have deployed the viewer and we can have a look at your configuration. Send your details to [email protected]

This weeks summary of questions and answers

Question : How do I enable cross domain ajax requests originated from flex paper ?

Answer : If you’re using the html5 viewer then you need to enable CORS on your server to make this possible. Have a look in our Q&A and search for CORS and you will find multiple responses on this.

Question : Is it possible to create a menu of the magazine contents populated by bookmarks in the pdf?

Answer :

We don’t automatically populate any bookmarks section outside of the viewer but its easy to add your own bookmarks outside of the viewer and then simply linking to each page by calling:


Question : Change single page mode to two page mode when tablet is rotated?

Answer : Its unfortunately not switching to single page automatically when turning a tablet, but its a great idea! I have passed this on to our devs!

Question : Is there extracting image tool about PDF page?

Answer : You can use mudraw in the MuPDF open source package to convert pages to images, you can also use pdftocairo to do the same. There are multiple similar open source tools

Question : Converting documents manually using the command line or via php script?

Answer : You can convert by either command line or by using one of our php scripts. If you want to convert documents manually then I recommend having a look at our documentation under “manual conversion”

Question : Can I use the wordpress plug-in with Zine?

Answer : Yes you can use the same wordpress plugin with Zine

Question : Problem displaying PDF as HTML5

Answer : Sounds like some scripts may be missing – contact us via email with a link to where you have deployed the viewer and we will have a look

Question : What does forceSinglePage allow and what version of the web product supports it?

Answer : Its a parameter you can set in the UIConfig file that you pass to Zine if you want to force the single page mode to all browsers (not just iPhone). It works with the html5 rendering mode. Search our Q&A for examples of how to set  it

Question : Initial zoom-level set to below 50%, annotations only become active on zoom

Answer : Sounds like it could be a conflict in your parameters – contact us via email and include a link to where you have deployed the viewer and we will have a look

Question : Mobile repeated number of pages (¿?)

Answer : Not sure sounds like it could be a conversion issue – how did you convert your document? Feel free to include a link to where you have published your document

FlexPaper 2.2.8 Release Notes

We have started rolling out version 2.2.8 today. We will first be updating our classic and annotations viewer and will be updating the zine viewer in the next few days.

How to update:
This release does not require you to republish any of your documents so if you want to install the update without republishing your documents then simply copy and replace the following resources from the distribution file that you are using:

  • FlexPaperViewer.swf
  • js/ (directory)
  • css/ (directory)

Significant changes in this release:

  • Fixed an issue related to twitter modal windows conflicting with the modal window rule in flexpaper.css

  • Ability to disable and enable page shadows in Zine publications added to desktop publisher for both Flash and HTML5

  • Fixed an issue where the Reply button wasn’t initially fully visible in flash mode when using collaborative annotations for some zoom levels
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip wasn’t correct when using the flash annotations viewer in collaboration mode
  • Fixed an issue where printing the current page in flash mode would hide the annotations after completion
  • Fixed an issue where the reply button would be visible in print when using collaborative annotations in flash mode
  • Improved publishing speed in desktop publisher
  • Fixed an issue where minimising an empty annotation in flash mode would cause an incorrect dialog to appear about deleting the annotation
  • Performance adjustments for desktop Safari on OSX (HTML5 mode)
  • Improved mouse wheel scrolling support for FireFox and fixed an issue where mouse wheel scrolling in Chrome version 36 and higher would cause the viewer to get out of position
  • Corrected an issue where the drawing cursors were not enabled in the annotations viewer for MSIE 10 and higher
  • New method: refreshMarks method to the annotations viewer. Refreshes all annotations on all visible pages (accessed using $FlexPaper(‘documentViewer’).refreshMarks())
  • Printed range added to the onDocumentPrinted event
  • Fixed an issue where differently sized pages would not load properly in HTML5 single file mode
  • Fixed an issue where the drawing color wasn’t being set properly in the annotations viewer when using sticky mode
  • Fixed an issue where the annotations viewer was not including note property properly in onMarkCreated and onMarkChanged events for some scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where the android soft keyboard was not hiding properly when leaving focus on text notes in the annotations viewer