FlexPaper 2.3.1 Release Notes

How to update:
This release does not require you to republish any of your documents. If you want to install the update without republishing your documents then simply copy and replace the following resources from the distribution file that you are using:

  • FlexPaperViewer.swf
  • js/ (directory)
  • css/ (directory)

Significant changes in this release:

  • Added additional checks for documents that fail to preview in desktop publisher

  • Issue fixed where it wasn’t possible to delete collaborative annotations in Chrome under the PHP set up if using collaboration mode
  • Fixed an issue where navigating using the left/right buttons in html5 mode for our classic viewer, in zoomed in mode caused the page to unintentionally navigate to the left or right end of the page
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to publish Vimeo videos in offline mode
  • Fix for publishing two fold publications where FlexPaper Publisher were adjusting the last page incorrectly in some cases
  • New HTML5 based uploader added to our server packages
  • Fixed an issue in desktop publisher where it wasn’t possible to remove links and videos in certain scenarios
  • Fixed an issue related to entering the zoom value into the input text box of FlexPaper zine where the zoom position got miscalculated
  • Improved initial zoom position in Safari when using Zine in HTML5 mode
  • Improved page turning speed in Firefox for Mac OSX
  • Improved rendering quality at high zoom levels for the HTML5 Zine viewer
  • XSS flaw fixed and tighter security checks against XSS spoofing attacks added for the Adobe Flash version (extra thanks to Francisco Alonso). 

This weeks summary of questions and answers

Question : PDF Not Showing in WordPress Plugin

Answer : Contact us via email ([email protected]) and we’ll help you investigate this further.

Question : How do we display all annotated pages at some place for a galce ?

Answer : We don’t have any scripts that do this automatically but the example scripts we provide store the annotations in a simple table which you can easily read from and print contents from anywhere you like.

Question : Zine : Mouse Hover issue

Answer : Mouse Hover issue solved with extra css style sheet and xml file

Question : Customize the 3-dot image when loading HTML4 images

Answer : The three-dot loader can’t  be customized at the moment unfortunately. We have added your request to our enhancement queue for our next build. Check back in mid december for an update!

Question : One page pdf in split mode

Answer : Are you using our php scripts when you’re trying to convert your documents? Feel free to send us a url to where you have deployed the viewer and we can have a look at your configuration. Send this info to [email protected]

fitwidthonload not working

Answer : In portrait mode on wordpress website the page source has “fitwidthonload”:“true” but the display is always narrow (approx 60%)

Question : Flip Book Viewer

Answer : The trial is limited to 10 pages, you willl need to add your license key to desktop publisher when starting the application to get past this limitation

Question : No labels on the buttons…

Answer : Seems like the image link isn’t working – could you send us a email with these details ?  (to [email protected])

Question : want to purchase

Answer : Not a problem – we load documents in portions so the size of the publication does not matter. Download our Zine trial and give it a try, it can be downloaded from our Zine product page!


Question : How can I add some custom branding to the viewer?

Answer : You can’t modify the content iself dynamically but you could modify our flexpaper.css files and overlay the viewer with your branding