FlexPaper 2.3.5 Release Notes

We have started rolling out version 2.3.5 today. We will first be updating our zine viewer and will be updating the classic and annotations at the end of this week.

How to update:
This release does not require you to republish any of your documents so if you want to install the update without republishing your documents then simply copy and replace the following resources from the distribution file that you are using:

  • FlexPaperViewer.swf
  • js/ (directory)
  • css/ (directory)

Significant changes in this release:

  • Fixed an issue where the flash viewer allowed rotation even if not in portrait mode
  • Fixed an issue where rotation of pages were not aligning the pages in the middle properly
  • Fixed an issue where the zoom slider was incorrectly enabled in flash mode of the annotations viewer
  • Fixed an issue where fit width and fit height were incorrectly enabled in two page and thumb view when using the flash viewer
  • Fixed an issue in FlexPaper Classic (HTML5) where fit height/fit width was using snapping incorrectly causing the fit width and fit height to be less expanded
  • Native full screen now enabled for webbit based browsers on Android (HTML5/HTML4).Android previously had issues with native full screeen but as this seems to be resolved we have decided to enable this
  • Fixed an issue where .rotate() was not exposed properly through the flash version of FlexPaper Zine
  • Fixed an issue where differently sized pages had their annotations misplaced in the HTML5 viewer when MixedMode was turned on
  • Speeded up the initial loading of the HTML5 viewer by smarter caching of files
  • Regression issue fixed in relation to using the zoom slider for the annotations/classic viewer where it wouldn’t be reactive initially when used if fit page / fit height was used prior to zooming
  • A number of pinch/zoom improvements for the Classic viewer
  • Issue corrected where landscape pages would render incorrect marks in the annotations viewer
  • Fixed an issue where hiding annotations would cause them to reappear if the user scrolled far away from the marks and then back
  • Norwegian locale added to all viewers
  • Japanese locale updated
  • HTML rendering engine updated (#1.1.114)
  • A regression error related to printing for our annotations viewer corrected
  • Fixed an issue where one page documents caused an extra incorrect download of a non-existent page to pop up when trying to download the document