New desktop publisher – built on @electronjs

We won’t be posting any monthly update for September, as we want to focus our efforts at getting a completely new desktop publisher ready (hint: it’s built using @electronjs). 

The new desktop publisher will integrate Zine and Reflow into the same solution. We are super excited to finally see these two products coming together in a common solution. Here’s a fancy screenshot for you to enjoy from the upcoming desktop publisher! 

We don’t have any outstanding critical issues with Zine or Classic but if you have any issue you’re waiting on getting addressed then contact us via email and we can send you a pre-release. 


FlexPaper 2.3.8 Release Notes

We have started rolling out version 2.3.8 today. We will first be updating our zine viewer and will be updating the classic and annotations at the end of this week.

How to update:
This release does not require you to republish any of your documents so if you want to install the update without republishing your documents then simply copy and replace the following resources from the distribution file that you are using:

  • FlexPaperViewer.swf
  • js/ (directory)
  • css/ (directory)

Significant changes in this release:

  • Fixed an issue where saving annotations back to pdf failed in some systems due to an incorrect statement in the annotatepdf_php5.php file (Classic)
  • Zine now dispatches a onScaleChanged event in flash and html5 mode (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where a small grey padded area appeared in Classic after changing orientation on devices (Classic)
  • Adjusted the fit-width margins for touch based devices in Classic to avoid unnessecary scrollbars for landscape pages (Classic)
  • Added meta tag for IE to default it to the latest version when viewing FlexPaper documents (Classic,Zine,Reflow)
  • Fixed an issue where subfolder wasn’t being passed on to the swfRender library properly (Classic, Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where non-unicode fonts were not being picked up properly by the conversion (Reflow)
  • Author info added to drawings, highlights for the annotations viewer (Classic)
  • Zine is now centering the mobile view when using single page (when looking at the device in portrait mode) (Zine)
  • new attribute added for Zine styles “navPanelsVisible” which sets the visibility on navigation panels (Zine)
  • Improved styling for FlexPaper Reflow (Reflow)
  • Improved mixed/unicode character set support for Reflow (Reflow)
  • Fixed an issue where Safari isn’t going into full screen properly when trying to allow keyboard input (Zine,Classic)
  • FlexPaper Reflow now supports IE8 in Adaptive mode. Uses eot fonts when in IE8. (Reflow)
  • Support for text with angle added to Reflow Adaptive mode (Reflow)
  • Fixed an issue where trying to navigate past the last page in Zine caused a javascript error (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where having multiple viewers on the same page caused the search to work incorrectly. (Zine, Classic)
  • It is now possible to set FLEXPAPER.RANGE_CHUNK_SIZE to any desired value in order to adjust how much the viewer loads using range request (default is 65536)
  • Fixed an issue where deep zooming publications would cause blur on webkit browsers (Zine)
  • Added support for WebGL (3D) rendering even if only the PDFFile parameter is supplied (Zine)
  • Added support for WebGL (3D) to the Zine PHP scripts (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the print dialogue would cause the viewer to navigate (Zine)
  • Updated the print routine for FlexPaper Zine and Classic (HTML5, HTML4 modes) to align with the same routine as annotations. This fixed a number of issues related to IE and sizing of the print as well as improved the overall printing quality (Zine, Classic)
  • Adjusted some of the margins for the classic viewer when viewing on mobile devices (Classic)
  • Fixed an issue where saving annotations in the document back to pdf would cause the marks to appear on the wrong page in some cases (Classic)