Publish PDF business presentation online

Increase your customer reach by taking your printed collateral and turn them into digital flipbook or slide publications. No need to wait for next re-run, update on the go when you need to and ensure your customers get the latest up to date information.

Go interactive

Add videos, images or links into your digital whitepaper publication to give an extra touch. FlowPaper Desktop Publisher lets you add interactive elements easily and makes your PDF a great way to showcase products, events or other important information.

Works anywhere

Do not worry about what device your readers are using. FlowPaper supports Flash, HTML4 & HTML5 and will use the best suitable format for the reader. Our Adaptive User Interface detects what device your publication is displayed on and adapts to the device. This way you will always reach your readers no matter where they are.

Analyze & Optimize

Compared to printed material FlowPaper makes it possible for you to track the performance of your white paper by allowing you to insert a Google Analytics tracking code. The results will be displayed in your Google Analytics Account and you can update and optimize your publication on the go.

Full text search

By splitting your publication into smaller sections, FlowPaper quickly searches and indexes your publication. This takes away long waiting times and the need for a server side component.