On the fly publishing

Our on on the fly publishing scripts will let you make your documents available as easy as dropping a file into a folder. You can download the latest version here: FlowPaper-2.4.0-WP-1.2.0

Some details about the plugin

» The plugin contains an open source version of FlowPaper
» The plugin compatible is with Wordpress 3.x and later
» Default options for displaying documents can be changed in comprehensive administration menu

Saving your settings

This mode lets you upload your PDF documents into a directory ("PDF directory") and will automatically convert your documents for you.

Publishing a document once this mode has been configured properly is as simple as using a tag to reference the file you want to publish. The example below publishes a document called "Paper.pdf" which has been uploaded into your PDF directory.


On the fly publishing using your commercial license

If you hold a commercial license of FlowPaper and want to use this with this plugin then follow these steps to install the viewer you want to use:

  • 1. Download the commercial version from our commercial download area (or our trial) labelled 'Web Server Package' and extract this archive into a folder.
  • 2. Replace "FlowPaperViewer.swf" in wp-content/plugins/flowpaper/ with the file from the extracted archive
  • 3. Copy the files in the js/ directory from the extracted archive into the wp-content/plugins/flowpaper/js/ directory
  • 4. Replace the wp-content/plugins/flowpaper/css/flowpaper.css file with the css/flowpaper.css file in the archive.
  • 5. Fill in your license key in the Wordpress administration page for FlowPaper.

We have changed our name from FlexPaper to FlowPaper so if you'are using an older version than 2.4.7 then use FlexPaperViewer instad of FlowPaperViewer when copying the viewer.