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You want your publication in a fully responsive format, optimized for all types of devices, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do it in-house. That is why we offer you our production and delivery service.

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We’ll transform it and make it look great so that your readers experience your publications at its best online, no matter the device. Once done, we will send the publication back to you. All ready to publish online.


We will optimize and transform your publication into a responsive format for you. You keep it forever.

$450 USD

Transform pages

Publications larger than 150 pages with enhancements or additional features.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I deliver my PDF to you?

You can send it to us via email, Dropbox, Wetransfer or any other known cloud storage file sharing service.

What will you send back to me?

We will transfer the completed publication into your FlowPaper account so that you can make final edits and publish it online.

What is included in the price?

We will transform your publications from digtal assets such as PDF into a responsive online format. You are entitled to one round of edits. There will be a deposit fee when you make the initial booking and the remainder of the cost will be credited to your credit card once you have received the publication.

How will I pay?

When you make the booking, you will pay a deposit which is charged on your credit card via Stripe. Once the job is done, we will charge you the outstanding fee. If you already are a customer (hi-five to you), this will go through your account area. If you are a first time customer, you will receive information from us how to set up an account.

What do I need to think about before sending my PDF to you?

  1. Make sure that the PDF is named the way you want it displayed online, as we do not change the name after the conversion.
  2. Have good quality resolution on the images in the publication, to reduce blurry images
  3. Make sure there are no crop marks in the PDF

Can I add enhanced features?

If you want your publication to reach even further, you need to book this separately. You do this under our Custom button. Leave all the details in the contact form and we will get back to you to discuss further.

I am not a FlowPaper subscriber, can I still use your service?

If you are a new customer, there will be an additional set-up fee of $145. The set-up fee includes a one-year subscription to our Creative license. You will find more details regarding what is included in this subscription here:

My publication is large, can you still transform it?

Yes, we certainly can. However, larger publications tend to be more complex and take more work to transform. Thats why we ask you to contact us if your publication is larger than 150 pages or if you want to add enhanced features. You can find the contact form at the top of this page

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