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KUCHINGIN&OUT aN INDEPENDENT lIfEsTylE PrINT & DIgITal magazINE WWW.KUCHINGINANDOUT.COM N 0 22 / NOV - DEC 2016 CALENDAR l MAPS l HISTORICAL STREETS l FOOD&BEvERAgE l LISTINg KINO mag I’m FREE 6 IssUEs a yEaR RaNEE MaRGaRET Her Story The Fort Stepping into History sONGKET & KERINGKaM Art before Fashion Preservation Special Heritage KEK aTI PaREK A Sarawakian Xmas Pudding? MaRIaNNE NORTH Her Paintings PPK445/08/2013(033608)Access KINO magazine anytime, anywhere! KUCHING IN & OUT: OUR CULTURE, FOOD & LIFESTYLE PRINT WEB/DIGITAL TABLETMOBILE Around the middle of November every year, I start to panic. The year is coming to an end. What have I done, not done? I often wish I didn't have to count the days and months. Wouldn't it be nice to have no time to measure, do all the things we want to do anytime, all the time. Such a silly thought. I know I will still want more time and be late for the next objective. One thing about history and tradition is that it's there all the time for us to appreciate. The Fort: Stepping into History (pg. 20-25) tells you stories about the inspirations behind Fort Margherita, particularly Ranee Margaret. A nice boat ride across river from the waterfront will bring you to the newly restored fort with its permanent exhibition by the Brooke Heritage Trust. Marianne North in Sarawak (pg. 26-29) The life and works of a biologist and botanical artist who lived in Fort Margherita for a certain period during the time of Charles Brooke. Songket and Keringkam (pg. 30-33) Art before fashion on the traditional weavers of the Songket and the master artisan of the Karingkam. Kek Ati Parek (pg. 34-37). A Malay traditional cake that takes a lot more than knowledge and passion to make. Lots of patience is called for but it's worth it to celebrate the upcoming festive seasons. Noranisah binti Bujang , a traditional cake maker, whips up a big bowl of the festive Kek Ati Parek (pg. 34-37) also known as "Kukus 8 jam". She did the 'cookin' (+ 8 hours), we did the 'lickin' (8 seconds). MARIAN CHIN Editor-in-Chief Thank you for 2016 and a meaningful 2017 to all our readers! Celebrating History and Tradition ERRATA, KINO #21 September/October 2016 : ‘Dragon jars in central Borneo’ p. 18 by A. Guerreiro. Caption n° 2 corrected : Tall polychrone ligth grey glazed jar without handles showing a pair of large dragons head facing up. At the shoulder six greenish monster masks decorate the jar. The lower register displays foaming wave patterns in blue, beige, brown. Kuching, Sarawak (Bong’s Gallery). KINO 3l 14th January, 2017! 19 Heritage race KINO art befOre fashION Songket and Keringkam 30 KINO specIal herItage Part 1: The Fort (Part 2 in KINO #23) KINO specIal herItage Marianne North (1830–1890) 26 20 l Chefs for Charity! In this issue... l 15 Performing arts Dance me a Story 2 l l 38 KUcHiNg F&B Sponsors of Our Culinary Heritage l l 42 «NeXt StOP» BUS ROUTES MAP l 6 caLeNDar November, December, January KINO CALENDAR LISTING: We would like to hear from you, should you have any free public events inside and outside of Kuching that can be added to our calendar upon selection. ARTICLE pLuS VIDEO: KINO VIDEO is the addition to certain articles, giving different dimensions of the story. 5 cOmmUNity KINO Digital magazine is iNside and OUtside of the printed magazine. Log onto to read the latest copy online. Join us on the KiNO facebook page – it is your platform to tell a story, share your thoughts, memories, talk about a recipe, see and post videos, and join us for competitions, events and more. eDitorial MARIAN CHIN Editor-in-Chief KAREN SHEPHERD Copy Editing art/web GABRIELLE LIM Contributing photographers KENNY LEE KELVIN CHAN Contributors ALEX CHAN, DR. KHO, ALAN LAU, PATRICK PINçON, KAREN SHEPHERD, TIMOTHY TING, J.H. WALKER, HAMISH WATTS aDVertising + sales MARIAN CHIN +6019 857 9576 MAGDALENE R. CROCKER +6014 684 0668 aDministration 013 813 2995 publisher WHATMATTERS SDN BHD (518203 D) Published bi-monthly by WHATMATTERS SDN BHD (518203 D) Next issue of KiNO: JaNUary-FeBrUary 2017 all rights reserved. reproduction in any manner in whole or part may be allowed subject to written permission. the publisher is not liable for statements made and opinions expressed in the publication. KiNO has 10,000 circulation for every issue. KiNO has over 150 drop-off points in Kuching city. Printed by infografik Press SDN. BHD. Kuching, Sarawak, malaysia KINO COVER PHOTO: KENNY LEE ll 44 cLaSSiFieDS Listings CONNECT WITH uS FOR MORE! Kino Magazine KINO mag app KINO festIve caKes A Cake For All Seasons 34 l 17 i KUcHiNg EXCAT: 90 countries & counting b KINO is now distributed in INDONESIA! (Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Bandung & Pontianak) Some of KINO magazine drop off points in Kuching: TOURISM Sarawak Tourism Federation Office (Waterfront & UTC and the respective offices). BCCK, SCB and Sarawak Cultural Village. SHOPPING MALLS All Info Desk Counters and Food Courts. THE SPRING Starbucks, Bings, Secret Recipes, Bookstores. BOULEVARD. VIVIACITY MALL, PLAZA MERDEKA, TUN JUGAH Gallery 4th Fl. HILLS. CITY ONE. GREEN HEIGHTS Cold Storage, Mady's Organic, HairDo. HOTELS Margarita, Riverside, Hilton, Pullman, Waterfront, Imperial, Merdeka Palace, LimeTree, Abell, Ranee, Telang Usan, Citadines, Basaga, Singgahsana, Grand Continental, Tunes, Lot 10, Batik Boutique, Daimai Resort, Damai Puree, Cove 55, Century Hotel, Permai Resort, Village House, Pine Garden, Memoire hotel. RESTAURANTS/BARS/CAFES Tom's, RainTree at BCCK, Junk, Living Room, Barber, Mandarin, Minoru, Zinc, D'yak, Basaga, China House, BTB, Kopi-C, Absolute Tribal, Le Pau, Magenta at the Square Tower, Carvery, Colugos, King Curry, Madame Tang's, Yun Cai, Sidewalk, Mike's SmokeHouse, Little Hainam, Life Cafes, Cafe Cafe, Coffee Clinics, Munch, Bungalore 8, Speak Easy, Granary, Drunk Monkey, Black Bean Coffee, Indah Gallery, Museum Cafe, The Swing, Factory, Razzmatazz, The Alley Cat, Kuehpedia, Juniper, Threesixteen, Feast And Furious, Entangen Ruai, Payueeh, Grill Wine Cafe, all the Starbucks, Bings and Secret Recipe outlets and open Food Courts etc... GALLERY Galleria at Wesberly. HOSPITALS Timberland, Kuching Specialist Healthcare, Borneo Medical Centre, Normal Medical Specialist Centre, Sarawak Heart Centre, Sarawak General Hospital, Dr Robert Koh Asia Clinic, Helen Ngu Women's Clinic, Dr. Chan Clinic, Dr. Gary Kang Clinic. Dr. Francis Ha Clinic, 20db. KUCHING AIRPORT Arrival Tourism counter, Taxi counters, Old Town, Tinklepan, Starbucks and various other shops. TERMINAL Kuching Sentral Terminal MUSEUMS /Heritage areas: E.g. Sarawak Museum, Textile Museum, The Sarawak Club, all shops and restaurants of the Chinahouse - Courthouse vicinity. COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES Unimas, FTMS, Segi, Niit, Sunway, ICATS, UCSI, Swinburne, Limkokwing, Eksekutif, Uitm, Masterskill, College Teknologi etc… STORES/SPAS/BEAUTY Emma Daniels, Nobel, Beauty Works and many other beauty centres. PETROL STATIONS 6 Petronas stations throughout Kuching … and many, many other places continually added on.DR KHO ... unlikely chef His passion for cookery was ignited out of necessity, a desire for something more palatable than British food when, as a student, he was too poor to eat out and encouraged to venture into the kitchen. His self-taught culinary journey has been an immensely rewarding experience. The creative aspect, the skills in execution, the artistry in display are all addictive, fueling curiosity and an endless quest for perfection, in a dish. Molecular gastronomy elevates culinary art to a new level; scientific knowledge of and its application to food ensures an end-result that is both certain and reproducible. Guess work is obsolete. Being a medic, a surgeon, he is an unlikely chef... where do you see a commonality? GONE BAMBOO, A CHARITy DINNER, a unique fine-dining ex– perience, emphasizes local pro- duce and its culinary potential, inspired by 3 chefs from uncon- ventional backgrounds. Proceeds, in their entirety go to: HOPE PLACE, a charitable orga- nization that helps the less for- tunate in the community e.g the disabled (OKU), impoverished low income families and single parents. PROFILE OF THE CHEFS: TIMOTHY TING... accidental chef He resigned as a Senior Manager of a public listed company with 15 years general trading experience and left to Taiwan for some intensive courses on construction and real estate management in 1991. In Taichung City, he acciden- tally salvaged a failed 2-month-old restaurant venture. From there, this new dimension in food business was no holds barred. Passion for cooking and perse- verance as a restaurateur are essential F&B elements that have driven him on for last 25 years. HAMISH WATTS... sometimes chef At the tender age of 15 years old, he entered the culinary profession serving as an apprentice Chef in Brisbane, Australia, immediately followed by a sojourn in the UK under Michelin starred chefs. He returned to Australia to work in several highly regarded restaurants prior to joining Hilton Melbourne Airport as the youngest Executive Chef in Hilton Asia Pacific at 27. After 18 years in the culinary profession, he stepped out of the kitchen into the current role of General Manager Hilton. by Timothy Ting, Hamish Watts and Dr. Kho Chefs for Charity! From left to right: Timothy Ting (Ting Noodles), Hamish Watts (GM Hilton, Kuching, Dr. Kho ENT surgeon KINO APPETIZERS: Kampong Egg/ Ciabatta - 63 deg C-kampong egg, engkabang oil drizzle, french truffle shavings and crushed pink pepper corns. Artisan ciabatta slice. Laksa Deconstruct - laksa flavored rice cakes, flowered lobster and crab roulade, bean sprouts and baby coriander. Grilled Foie Steak - grilled steak, duck foie gras, balsamic glazed peppers and cherry tomato. SOUP: Juice of Kampong Birds - concentrated essence of kampong chickens, fresh water prawn tofu, pan seared scallop, chlorophyll intense cangkok manis greens. 1st MAIN COURSE: Rice ‘N’ Beets - Kampong Tapah beetroots - risotto (Rice from Empire Rice Mill - Bako), fresh curd of Susu Kambing Abu Samah, Kambing Kacang goat’s milk and Samarahan midin shoots. 2nd MAIN COURSE: Looks Like Fish, Tastes Like Chicken - Santubong deep sea farmed Tiger-dragon grouper, Fire roasted Kampong Tapah eggplant, smoked Kuching Serian sweet potato, local chicken juices. DESSERT: Salt ‘N’ Pepa Coconut - salted gula apong coconut crème, Sarawak peppercorn & burnt Samarahan pineapple ice cream. Date : 27 November 2016 Time : 7pm venue : Steakhouse Hilton Kuching Dress code : Smart casual Cost : RM300 per pax (inclusive of wines) Hilton Kuching is the main sponsor for this charity dinner: Provider of Steakhouse as venue, mobilize all kitchen staff, Steakhouse service crew and usage of kitchen only for this event. Wines are donated by AsiaEuro and Wine Connoisseur Sdn Bhd. Majority of the ingredients and condiments are donated by sponsors. l 5 COMMUNITy lll KINO 5history in Sarawak’s Fine Arts are brought together in this exhibition in conjunction with Sarawakiana Carnival 2016. Artists whose artworks will be involved in this exhibition are: Chin Kee, Foo Syn Hee, Lee Hock Kia, Lam Siong Onn, Foo Syn Choon, Kueh Chai Phiaw, Raphael Scott Ahbeng, Ramsay Ong, Stephanie Eng, Magdelene Tai, Michael Lim and Chong Liew Syn. 10am-6pm (Mon-Fri) & 9am-6pm (Sat-Sun) excluding public holidays. HOW MUCH: Free WHERE: KUCHING – Newspapers & Periodicals Room, Level 1, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak WHO: Pustaka Negeri Sarawak & Sarawak House Arts CONTACT: Dorithy Dela / Aidashermilla Hashim 082-440488 ext 22, / 4-6 NOVEMBER Siol Mountain Bike Extreme Challenge This is an annual event that attracts riders from around the region. The technically challenging race course is laid out around the hill where the Commission of Kuching North Building (DBKU) sits. The event has 2 main categories, namely: 1. Individual Downhill 2. Cross Country Olympics HOW MUCH: Free WHERE: KUCHING – Bukit Siol, Jalan Semariang WHO: Kuching North City Hall CONTACT: Mr. Haqeem / Ms. Shareena 082-446 688 4-6 NOVEMBER Bazar Seni Sarawak Jabatan Kebudayaan & Kesenian Negara (JKKN) with AKSARA invites everyone to attend the Bazar Seni Sarawak 2016 for 3 consecutive days. Various activities held are Program Wacana Ilmu, Festival Bimbingan Seni dan Budaya, Senam Seni 1Malaysia, Larian Seni, stalls selling local handicrafts, cultural performances, BAS talent show and many more. From 7am-10.30pm. HOW MUCH: Free admission WHERE: KUCHING – Go Down Amphitheater WHO: Jabatan Kebudayaan & Kesenian Negara (JKKN) CONTACT: 082-422 006 / 082-423 106, info.budaya@, 5 NOVEMBER FreedomFilmFest 2016 Kuching We present 4 new Malaysian documentaries that showcase a variety of human rights’ issues. Each film was selected for its relevance to this year’s theme, “What Lies Beneath”, and its ability to open up perspectives and raise awareness about the most urgent human rights issues of our time. 2pm–2.30pm: Karatagan Ciremai 2.30pm–3.30pm: Stories of my Father 3.30pm–4.30pm: Unlocking Bengoh 4.30pm–6.30pm: The Borneo Case HOW MUCH: Minimum donation of RM10, Free Entry for students with valid ID and senior citizens above 60 WHERE: KUCHING – Lot 10 Boutique Hotel WHO: FreedomFilmFestival (FFF) CONTACT: 03-7968 5415 ,, 5-6 NOVEMBER Street Mural & Art Bazaar Visit us to witness the 'Mural Art' painting by fine art students under the Fine Arts Program, Department of Visual Arts & Technology, UNIMAS in collaboration with Kuching Waterfront Management to bring the artists closer to the community. Artworks and crafts by the 23 OCTOBER - 19 NOVEMBER Ode to Unconditional Love It's Gladys Simpson's first solo exhibition as an artist/ urban sketcher. She was trained as a graphic designer and worked in advertising for almost 14 years before moving overseas for 6 years from 2005 to 2010. In late 2005, she started with acrylic paintings of people and scenes. Back in KL, she was finding herself yet again, not wanting to go back into advertising. She took up creative writing which eventually led to where she is today. Her love of drawing dogs started only in November of 2012. In August 2014, she started urban sketching which developed into travel sketch journals. HOW MUCH: Free WHERE: KUCHING – Art Space 1, ChinaHouse at the old CourtHouse WHO: Gladys Simpson CONTACT: 29 OCTOBER - 16 NOVEMBER Virtuoso: Sarawak’s Senior Artists Exhibition 12 local artists from the 1920’s to 1940’s era who made A fire broke out at SMK St Teresa on the 29th of October 2016. The upper level of our hall was totally destroyed and 20% of the lower floor was damaged as well. Some of the materials ruined by the fire include 431 sets of desks and chairs for students, textbooks for 2017, and PA systems. The two-storey building also housed the staff room, library, counselling room, surau, sewing room, living skills room, and music room. Moreover, because the school lacks sufficient classrooms, certain parts of the hall were also constantly used to house students from “floating classes”. We are organising a fundraising for our most immediate need, which is the interim solution. To be most efficient while staying optimal, we aim to construct the building using the Integrated Building System (IBS) which can be put together quickly during the 7-week school holiday because it uses ready-made pieces that simply need to be installed. These rooms will serve as temporary staff rooms, living skills room, and counselling room. Contribute to the emergency interim plan to ensure school can function as usual by January 2017 Contribute on Follow our updates on Facebook : SMK ST TERESA SEEKS RM8.2M TO REBUILD RAZED BUILDING KINO 6students are also for sale. HOW MUCH: Free admission WHERE: KUCHING – Waterfront Extension (behind Grand Margherita Hotel) WHO: Kuching Waterfront & Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) CONTACT: 082-426 093, waterfront.official 5-6 NOVEMBER Tempatan Fest Sarawak 2016 After 3 years, Tempatan Fest (TF), which started in Kuala Lumpur, will be coming to Kuching. More than 30 local brands from all over Malaysia will be participating with a variety of shirt designs, accessories etc. Apart from that, Sarawakian artists will have the chance to showcase their talents through creative arts and presentations. TF started at the end of March 2013 with the vision of highlighting all the local brands and designers that are lacking the right platform. Besides that, Tempatan Stage and TF Skate will also be organised during the event to highlight the local talents in music and sports. An art installation by 9LIVES will also be held to showcase the traditions and heritage of Sarawak. From 11am-11pm. HOW MUCH: Free admission WHERE: KUCHING – ChinaHouse at the Old Courthouse WHO: Tempatan Fest CONTACT: 5-6 NOVEMBER Trunk Sale 3 What is a Trunk Sale? It's a chance to pass on your preloved items and make some cash while you're at it. Come join us, and you might just find things you never knew you wanted. Whether you'll be a trunker or a visitor, Trunk Sale will leave you with moments you won't forget. From 3-10 pm. HOW MUCH: RM50 (for Trunkers) WHERE: KUCHING – Emart Batu Kawa (ground floor main entrance, indoor parking area) WHO: Kuching Trunk Sale CONTACT: Lily 016-895 3472 kchtrunksale/ 6 NOVEMBER Share The Hope - Fundraising Event This fund raising event will be held by UNIMAS students for a welfare home (Green Ribbon Home Of Love). There will be games such as Tolak Cawan, Move the Beads, the Last Cup and activities such as busking, henna paint, cookies sale and many more. Have fun with us while we share the hope! If we want to change the world, we must change ourselves first. Lastly, do not let the hope of The Green Ribbon Home Of Love sink in the sea of our happiness. From 10am-4pm. HOW MUCH: Free admission WHERE: KUCHING – Kuching Waterfront WHO: Kuching Waterfront & Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) CONTACT: Mohd Zaki 017-707 1142, Joanna Wang 011-3686 3803 6 NOVEMBER Exchange Festival 2016 "Some people travel to see the difference, others travel to make a difference." If volunteering in a foreign country and making a global social impact is what you want to do, come find out how AIESEC in Kuching can provide you the chance to travel with a purpose. As we showcase our Global Volunteer projects throughout the day, also look out for a colouring competition and performances. From 10am-9pm. HOW MUCH: Visit website for registration and fees WHERE: KUCHING – Vivacity Megamall WHO: AIESEC in Kuching CONTACT:, http://www. 11-13 NOVEMBER Sarawak International Dragon Boat Regatta 2016 The International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) and the Asian Dragon Boat Federation (ADBF) are the official bodies responsible for the Dragon Boat races. Nearly 70 countries around the world participate in the Dragon Boat racing competition with over 50 million participants in Asia alone, especially from China and Southeast Asia. This event has also been adopted as part of the ASEAN Games 2010 in Guangzhou, China. The Dragon Boat Race continues to be an important event in the tourism calendar of countries involved in dragon boat races around the world. The event in Sarawak attracts huge global participation and promotes local tourism. Apart from the Dragon Boat races and the Sarawak Regatta races, local food and handicraft exhibitions will also be held. Other side events that will be organised include mooncake festival, brooke swim, duck catching competition, tug-of-war, canoeing and singing presentations by KINO 71872 during the James Brooke era. It started with the intention to stop racial wars among local tribes where headhunting was largely practiced. James Brooke then instructed all tribes to instead challenge each other by having boat races to prove their power and strength. The call to challenge each other through the boat race rather than headhunting was successful in bringing peace to the area. The Sarawak Regatta takes place along the Sarawak River. The 1.3 km Kuching Waterfront provides ample vantage points to watch the action on the water. HOW MUCH: Free for public to watch WHERE: KUCHING – Kuching Waterfront WHO: Resident Office Kuching CONTACT: 082-507 051 / 082-507 055 18 NOVEMBER - 18 DECEMBER Kuching International Festival of Music and Arts The idea of hosting this festival is conceived with a vision to establish long term vibrant art and music scenes in Kuching, to promote the art of music appreciation to the local community, to educate the public about how music can relate to our lives, as well as to engage them in experiencing and making beautiful music together. During the period of this festival, a series of events will be conducted by a number of renowned international artists. These events include a drum workshop by Mr. Tom Jackson, vocal and choral workshops by Ms. Khoo Hooi Lay and Mr. Nelson Kwei, an Art Exhibition by Dr. Peter Davidson and a talk on music therapy for children with special needs by Ms. Gurpreet Kaur Kalsi, Guitar Making Workshop by Mr. Adolpho Timuat to name a few. This event is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Sarawak and sponsored by ABRSM, the UK exam board, Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB), RH Group, KTS, Regal Group and ChinaHouse. HOW MUCH: Tickets price - call to enquire WHERE: KUCHING – ChinaHouse at the old CourtHouse and International Music House WHO: International Music House CONTACT: 082-424 658 / 016-879 4658, 19 NOVEMBER Today For Tomorrow In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self- organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxYouth@Kenyalang, where x = independently organized TED event. At our TEDxYouth@ local singers. HOW MUCH: Free admission WHERE: KUCHING – Kuching Waterfront WHO: Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Sarawak CONTACT: http://sarawakdragonboatregatta.weebly. com 13-16 NOVEMBER 55th ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) Congress 2016 1. Strong, custom-designed education programme for senior industry practitioners. 2. Business opportunities for all delegates throughout the event programme. 3. Exceptional networking: high level & global in scope. 4. Experience ICCA’s innovative use of technology. 5. Expected participation of over 800 attendees. ICCA was founded in 1963 by a group of travel agents. Their first and foremost aim was to evaluate practical ways to get the travel industry involved in the rapidly expanding market of international meetings and to exchange actual information related to their operations in this market. This initiative soon proved to have been taken at the right moment: the meeting industry expanded even more rapidly than foreseen. As a result of which representatives from all the various sectors of the meetings industry from all over the world applied for ICCA membership. HOW MUCH: Visit website for registration and fees WHERE: KUCHING – Borneo Convention Centre WHO: Sarawak Convention Bureau CONTACT: 082-392 812, premala.danapakiam@bcck., 18-20 NOVEMBER Sarawak Regatta 2016 This annual event is the showcase of boat races with participation from various government agencies, private sectors and also participants from the neighbouring countries of Indonesia and Brunei. Teams from villages around Sarawak make it a grand affair and also a great occasion for families from outside Kuching to visit the city. The blue-ribbon event is the coveted ‘Raja Sungai’ (king of the river) title in the ‘bidar’ category. Each longboat carries thirty paddlers and this category is always a closely fought affair. The day programme includes “Brooke Swim”, Raft Tug-of-war, and duck catching. Other activities include displays of crafts, exhibitions and a food fair. The significance of regattas in Sarawak dates back to Master Chef Workshops With panelope froM Uk 9 & 10 December 2016 please register With Us! For more Details contact: tel: 082 366 133 Whatsapp: 016 636 8148 PZhen Deelite KINO 819-20 NOVEMBER Secrets of Longevity – Sarawak 2016 “Secrets to Longevity” is a Seminar, organised by professionals to empower the public. In particular the elderly, to live independent and healthier lifestyles in their golden years. Its aim is to provide an in-depth knowledge with practical demonstrations for specialised care and to understand the importance of preventing illnesses. HOW MUCH: RM50 WHERE: KUCHING – Pullman Hotel WHO: Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society CONTACT: The Secretariat 012- 364 6109, info@, php/secrets-of-longevity-sarawak/ 20 NOVEMBER Run for Life Fund raiser run for Sarawak Children's Cancer Society (SCCS). 5km category with tshirt and medal. 3km with medal only. (RM20 for tshirt optional). Register at Brooks Concept Store or St. Joseph's Private School, closing date 30th September. HOW MUCH: RM50 for 5km, RM30 for 3km. WHERE: KUCHING – MBKS Carpark WHO: St. Joseph's Private School CONTACT: Jordan Hu 016-882 2165 / Tristan Tan 013-833 9868 / Albert Tan 016-589 2233 20 NOVEMBER MakanMakan: DEEPAVALI The MakanMakan series is back again! The Deepavali edition this year features the traditional dishes of the Northern Indian community. The meal will be accompanied by in-depth explanations from local experts on its cultural & traditional significance. Guests will also get a chance to observe & learn the food etiquette & practices of Indians throughout the meal. HOW MUCH: RM30 (single ticket), RM50 (pair ticket) WHERE: KUCHING – Dewan Indian Association of Kuching (IAK), Rock Road WHO: Yayasan Perpaduan Sarawak & The Champions CONTACT: The Champions Hotline 016-846 2688, www. 20 NOVEMBER Dance For Love 3 Charity Concert This is the 3rd season of 'Dance for Love' event. This year, the project involves approximate 100 dancers Kenyalang event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized. Through our theme, Today for Tomorrow, TEDxYouth@ Kenyalang aims to showcase how the different aspects of our world are connected. By using a transdisciplinary lens, a variety of systems and subjects will be explored. Shaped by their incredible stories and ideas, our speakers will explore paradigms that will inspire, empower, and motivate participants to embrace new perspectives. From 1pm-5.30pm. HOW MUCH: Early Bird (Free T-shirt) RM60 WHERE: KUCHING – Pustaka Negeri Sarawak WHO: TEDxYouth@Kenyalang CONTACT: 19 NOVEMBER Borneo Cat Show Cat show, cat product talks, cat's talk, bazaar, colouring contest, lucky draw, goodie bags and cat adoption. Categories: -Domestic short hair (adult) -Domestic long hair (adult) -Kitten domestic short hair -Kitten domestic long hair -Sarawak local cat / stray cat -Fancy dress -Cage decoration HOW MUCH: Free entry WHERE: KUCHING – CityONE Megamall WHO: Kota Samarahan Cat Lovers (KSCL), Cityone & The Pet Zone CONTACT: Nemo / James 013-822 2370 19 NOVEMBER Mint Christmas Bazaar Mint Event & Bazaar is back and gearing up for Christmas! If you have any goods to sell, whether it’s handmade crafts, fashion stuff or homemade foods, why not join in Mint Event & Bazaar’s Christmas event? For the fee of RM60, each vendor will be provided with 2 tables & 2 chairs. Registration ends on 12 Oct. From 10am-10pm. HOW MUCH: Free entry WHERE: KUCHING – Kuching Sentral WHO: Mint Event & Bazaar CONTACT: 016-8826660 / 016-8969530 KINO 9Next >

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