Convert your PDF to flipbook

Optimized for web delivery with true text sharpness. Track user engagement with heatmaps and add interactivity.

With FlowPaper, your brochure, magazine, or catalog can be converted into a responsive flipbook in just a few clicks. FlowPaper optimizes your PDF files as they are imported, to deliver the fastest and sharpest user experience for your visitors.

Get your PDFs online easily with our online flipbook maker and deliver the fastest and best user experience.

Create your Online Flipbook in minutes


Import your PDF

Simply drag and drop your PDF file or select the file from your computer to import it. Select the type of template you want to use, and your flipbook will be ready in just seconds.


Style your Flipbook

Style your publication, choose buttons for your toolbar, and decide how to animate your flipbook. Customize with add links, images, gifs, and videos to your publication. No coding needed!


Publish and Upload

Choose if you want to upload your publication to our reliable high-performance cloud hosting or host the publication on your own server. Your publication is optimized for distribution to multiple channels such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

Test and embed the flipbook on your web site

The desktop publisher lets you try the flipbook you have created in a variety of different browsers and device sizes to make sure it looks just the way you want it. Seamless embedding on your web site. Try the result using the demo below!


Personalize and Customize

Stay in charge of your digital publication with the ability to promote your own brand by adding your own logo and branding colors. FlowPaper lets you customize your brochure publication by choosing from a range of skins and templates. You can also select individual settings by choosing a toolbar, background colors, or add a background image.

Interactive Elements

Bring your PDF brochures to life by creating an interactive web publication with page turn effects using FlowPaper. Integrate videos, images, add links or embed videos to your digital brochure and choose between slide, flipbook, or tri-fold as a template to give your users a realistic experience.

Analytics and Heatmaps

FlowPaper lets you incorporate Google Analytics into your online brochure to track and measure the performance of your digital publications. Understand what users want, see and care about in your catalogs or brochures. The heatmaps provide strong indications of visitor motivation and desire.

Lead Generation

FlowPaper allows you to add lead forms to your digital brochure to collect leads. You can see how your users interact and engage with the sections of your content and allows you to apply lead scoring and trigger an intelligent follow-up to boost your engagement.


Let your customers access your Digital Brochure anytime and anywhere from their tablet, smartphone, or desktop. FlowPaper enhances the reading experience so that readers with small devices can tap on texts and quickly zoom in to read a specific paragraph.