FlowPaper 3.4.2 Release Notes

16 August 2020

The summer is coming to an end on the northern hemisphere and we hope that you’ve had a good break from work with lots of sun and a rest from the ongoing problems of Covid-19. We’ve been busy improving the desktop publisher with a number of changes. While we’re anticipating another release in a few weeks, we decided to release a first version that contains a few fixes.

  • Added the ability to customize the video preview for embedded videos
  • Added the ability to remove PDF pages inside the desktop publisher
  • Improved page/drag animations for FlowPaper Elements
  • It is now possible to zoom in and out in the content editor in the desktop publisher
  • General bug fixes and improvements in rendering accuracy following reports submitted to us
  • It is now possible to add “expanded content” to pages in the Elements template.
  • Improved audio player (style and functionality)
  • Heatmaps are now available in FlowPaper Elements publications
  • Added popover support for Elements publications

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.4.0 Release Notes

22 June 2020

We’re happy to announce version 3.4.0 which features the ability to collect heat map data for your publications! First out with support for this is the Zine template, with the Elements and Re:flow templates to follow. Heatmaps provides a way of visualizing how people click, pan and zoom in and out of your publications by collecting data points that are later grouped together into a visual representation. You can see an example of a heatmap below.

Heatmaps are available to all creative license holders as of today. You can find the data that is collected in the account area.

Improved Accessibility

Another great feature that we’re introducing today is improved accessibility with reading tracking support through a new user interface feature. This improved reading mode shows the reader where in a page the screen reader is currently reading out loud.

We will be releasing video tutorials for both these features shortly so that you can learn about these in more detail.

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.3.9 Release Notes

18 May 2020

Version 3.3.9 mainly contains stability fixes and improvements in rendering accuracy. Its great to see that so many of you are getting into the newest Re:flow template. We’re planning a bigger release with new features for the Re:flow template during June/July so please keep the feedback coming if you have features you’re missing! We will also be extending the publication analytics even further during the same period as well as add support for even better collaboration between users in the same team while using the desktop publisher.

Here are some of the notable fixes/adjustments in the last release

  • Fixed so that links in footnotes are correctly navigating when clicked (Re:flow template)
  • It is now possible to add in your custom tax/address details in the invoice section of the account area
  • Improved the match similar functionality for EPUB3 font substitution
  • Support for fallback-font added to FlowPaper elements for improved font accuracy
  • Fixed an issue where some links were not always clickable in Elements
  • Improved accuracy in text clipping when covered by images
  • It is now possible to add popover images to Elements and Zine publications
  • Fixed an issue related to self-hosted videos interfering with zoom in Zine

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.3.8 Release Notes

24 April 2020

We have a new version coming up next week! Except for general stability & performance improvements, here’s a summarized list of improvements that are worth noticing for this release.

Remember to reach out to us if you have any problems with this release or if you need any assistance at all in renewing or accessing your account due to the ongoing Covid-19 disruptions.

  • A number of improvements to the “Global Styles” section of the re:flow template including the ability to add Google fonts to your publication
  • It is now possible to add videos as backgrounds to your re:flow publications
  • It is now possible to adjust the padding in tables by dragging them
  • It is now possible to resize the height of blocks in the reflowable web page builder template by dragging them
  • Improved the stability and performance in rendering the thumbnails on the left which significantly helps when working with the re:flow template
  • Added the ability to switch working directory from the top menu in cases where your main drive is too small or you just want to store your publications on a different location such as a network drive
  • Added the ability to auto play audio clips when a user turns to a page with the ability to control play and pause via the toolbar
  • Various stability & performance improvements
  • Added the option to bind the browser back and forward button to in-publication navigation for Zine & Elements
  • It is now possible to replace pages in ‘Elements’ publications
  • It is now possible to add new pages to your publication (use the page navigator and right click on the page where you want to add your new page(s))
  • Improved parallax style maing it easier to get nice looking start blocks for your responsive web publications
  • Improved output quality in EPUB3

Kia Kaha!

Availability during Covid-19

23 March 2020

As you may have noticed, New Zealand is moving into country-wide lockdown on the 25th of March in an attempt to limit the effects from the ongoing pandemic.

This does not affect FlowPaper or our hosting services. We have a distributed team, able to work from home, spread out accross the world and we are operating as we would during normal conditions.

We’re always here to answer your questions. If you’re having difficulties in renewing your account during this period then reach out and let us know and we’ll help you out.

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.3.7 Release Notes

16 March 2020

The world is occupied with the ongoing pandemic. We’re commited to do our part to help our clients to get through this. If you’re having difficulties in renewing your account during this period then reach out and let us know and we’ll help you out.

FlowPaper 3.3.7 provides a number of bug fixes and two enhancements which we hope will provide great value to our users.

  • This version introduces “Leads” which will allow you to collect visitor/reader information from your clients. You can find the collected data for your leads in the account area.
  • It is now possible to add audio-only clips to your publications
  • General stability and performance improvements

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.3.6 Release Notes

24 February 2020

Kia Ora! FlowPaper have undergone a number of performance optimizations for our web services during January which ensures stability and performance as we’re moving into 2020.

Apart from the cloud hosting upgrades; here’s a list of summarized changes that has been peformed.

  • A number of memory performance improvements as well as output optimizations for Elements and Zine
  • It is now possible to add custom CSS rules to your publications
  • PDFTk, which was used for some operations, is no longer installed together with FlowPaper on Mac OSX
  • Minor improvements text animations in FlowPaper Elements
  • TOC will now close on small screens to make sure the underlying content is visible after navigating
  • It is now possible to add custom CSS rules to the publications (Elements & Zine)
  • Fixed a memory leak which prevented very large publications from processing properly
  • It is now possible to use branding logos up to 250 px wide
  • Fixed an issue for Zine where the publication wouldn’t rescale in all cases when going into full screen from an iframed page
  • Improved the accuracy in font rendering regarding italic/bold if the font has those properties embedded as part of the font.
  • Fix to improve the download of multiple PDF files at the same time in Zine when using split mode
  • Fix for self-hosted videos not showing when password was applied to the publication

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.3.5 Release Notes

6 December 2019

This version update is mainly focused at optimizing performance in the latest version of Chrome when using Elements as well as improving usability when using the reflowable template and adding content.

  • Makes it easier to add whole pages or a whole set of pages into the publication when using the reflowable template.
  • You can now control printing restrictions in the Elements template
  • It is now possible to add watermarks to printouts when using the Elements template
  • Fixed an issue where navigating to the last page wouldn’t place the publication in the centre when using Zine
  • Performance optimizations for Chrome 78
  • Fixes an issue where the thumbnails were not being rendered properly when using the reflowable template
  • Various smaller animation tweaks for the Elements template
  • The desktop publisher now supports copying and pasting images and text into the reflowable template

We will be launching a new account area in January so please let us know if you’re having any issues logging in or accessing your account as we do this transition into the new account area and we’ll make sure to help you.

FlowPaper 3.3.4 Release Notes

5 November 2019

This release is mainly focused on improving the ease of use and stability of the reflowable template. It also contains a few performance tweaks for the latest version of Chrome

  • Chrome has changed its behaviour of custom bold fonts so FlowPaper has now aligned with the change to improve accuracy in font-rendering
  • Animations now available in the reflowable template
  • Dashboard rearranged to make it easier to distinguish which template that is Zine and Elements based
  • FlowPaper Elements publications now support image and video animations
  • Improvements to copy/paste in the Reflowable template
  • Improved text rendering quality on low-resolution displays (Zine)

A note on OSX 10.15 (Catalina)

9 October 2019

FlowPaper 3.3.3 is fully compatible with OSX 10.15 (Catalina). If you need to install FlowPaper Desktop Publisher on a new machine that has recently updated to Catalina then make sure you download the latest version available below: