FlowPaper 3.5.1 Release Notes

26 July 2021

  • Improved support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai language in the Elements template
  • It is now possible to share a publication workspace with another FlowPaper user (available for the installed version of the desktop publisher). This is available for Creative and Team license holders.
  • Improvements to the ‘read on’ mode available in the Elements template
  • Fixed an issue where added iframe content wouldn’t use the “maximize on click” functionality properly
  • Fix for Right to left publications not loading properly in some scenarios when using the Zine template
  • It is now possible to add and customize a GDPR/Cookie Consent message prior to showing your publication
  • Compatibility corrections for Apple’s latest EPUB3 format
  • Fixed an issue where downloading an Elements publication as compressed zip file for custom domain distribution failed in the web version of the desktop publisher
  • A number of WCAG 2.1/Accessibility improvements added to the Elements template
  • Improvements to text grouping which improves reading order detection

Kia Kaha!

Version 3.5.0 - Promoted online publications using animated previews

17 June 2021

We’re pleased announce version 3.5.0 of FlowPaper. This version provides a range of bug fixes as well as the ability to generate video clips that can be shared on social networks to promote your publications. The video generator functionality is available for all publications hosted on the cloud and can be found in the publishing dialogue as seen below.

Other notable changes

  • Search is now available in the mobile-first/reflowable templates
  • All non-iOS devices now supporting flip in mobile portrait when using the Elements template
  • Its now possible to set link color in Elements publications
  • Its now possible to let added audio keep playing when turning pages (great for background music for example)
  • Elements publications now support slideshows
  • It is now possible to generate a publication preview in video format via the desktop publisher that can be shared on social media networks or inside an email

Version 3.4.9 - Enhanced mobile reading mode and new Analytics

25 May 2021

FlowPaper version 3.4.9 is due for release any day - this release features a few major points including new ways of collecting visitor analytics seen below as well as a enhanced reading mode for Zine for mobile devices. Grab your favorite mobile device and try the enhanced page transitions in this publication.

The new analytics will be available via the account area when version 3.4.9 is made final.

Publishing using FlowPaper on any platform just got a whole lot easier

11 March 2021

Publishing documents using FlowPaper just became a whole lot easier.

In order to publish documents on the web, you previously had to download and install the desktop publisher on your Mac or Windows PC. With release 3.4.7 and thanks to the latest technology in Google Chrome, you’re now able to access your FlowPaper workspace and publish documents right from your browser!

Give it a go! You can either use your existing workspace by selecting to use your Documents/FlowPaper folder as workspace directory or you can choose a temporary workspace.

Run in Chrome

FlowPaper 3.4.5 Release Notes

11 December 2020

  • Clicking anywhere in a publication when in miniature mode now expands the viewer into full screen
  • Various fixes for heatmap data collection in FlowPaper Elements
  • Heat maps are now available for re:flow publications
  • FlowPaper now supports Google Analytics 4 via Google Tag Manager
  • It is now possible to create publications from scratch via the dashboard using the Re:flow and Elements template
  • You can now customize your cloud url via the account area
  • It is now possible to add image galleries to Zine publications
  • A number of issues related to dragging/dropping elements in the Re:flow template have been fixed
  • It is now possible to make columns the same size using a new toolbar icon in Re:flow
  • New block templates added to the re:flow template
  • Electron framework updated (Desktop Publisher)
  • User changes are now kept in Elements publications when using the “add pages” functionality to add new PDF pages
  • FlowPaper Elements now supports custom page labels
  • A number of fixes applied to the replace/insert pages routines
  • Added the option of adding pages after a selected page in the page navigator
  • Corrected a number of issues related to deleting and adding pages to existing publications
  • It is now possible to upgrade your cloud storage to up to over 500 additional publications via the account area

Kia Kaha!

Heatmaps are now available for the re:flow template

27 October 2020

Heatmaps, which are available to the publications hosted on FlowPaper cloud has proved popular among our users. As a consequence, we’re extending them to also cover the re:flow template so that you can track how your visitors are reading your responsive publications as they scroll through your content.

You can find your heatmap analytics in the account area in the cloud publications section. Here’s a great video tutorial to get you started if you have not used heatmaps before: How to use Heatmaps to Better Understand Your Readers

Kia Kaha!

An update on our cloud hosting

24 October 2020

In order to provide better URL customization options for you and to provide the highest security standards for your publications, FlowPaper is changing the format for URLs when you upload new or updated publications to FlowPaper’s cloud hosting. Your previously uploaded publications, on the old URL system will of course continue to work as normal.

The old format would look something like this: https://online.flowpaper.com/abc123/MyPublication

The new URL format will look like this: https://abc123.flowpaper.com/MyPublication

The “abc123” identifier is a unique, randomly generated ID which gets created when you create your account with us. You’ll be able to customize this identifier in the near future so that you can use your company name or any other name of choice. It can then, for example, look like this: https://airnz.flowpaper.com/KiaOraOctober2020/ (Which is Air New Zealands fabulous inflight magazine, created using FlowPaper)

Please let us know if you’re experiencing any problems with the new URL system when uploading new publications.

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.4.2 Release Notes

16 August 2020

The summer is coming to an end on the northern hemisphere and we hope that you’ve had a good break from work with lots of sun and a rest from the ongoing problems of Covid-19. We’ve been busy improving the desktop publisher with a number of changes. While we’re anticipating another release in a few weeks, we decided to release a first version that contains a few fixes.

  • Added the ability to customize the video preview for embedded videos
  • Added the ability to remove PDF pages inside the desktop publisher
  • Improved page/drag animations for FlowPaper Elements
  • It is now possible to zoom in and out in the content editor in the desktop publisher
  • General bug fixes and improvements in rendering accuracy following reports submitted to us
  • It is now possible to add “expanded content” to pages in the Elements template.
  • Improved audio player (style and functionality)
  • Heatmaps are now available in FlowPaper Elements publications
  • Added popover support for Elements publications

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.4.0 Release Notes

22 June 2020

We’re happy to announce version 3.4.0 which features the ability to collect heat map data for your publications! First out with support for this is the Zine template, with the Elements and Re:flow templates to follow. Heatmaps provides a way of visualizing how people click, pan and zoom in and out of your publications by collecting data points that are later grouped together into a visual representation. You can see an example of a heatmap below.

Heatmaps are available to all creative license holders as of today. You can find the data that is collected in the account area.

Improved Accessibility

Another great feature that we’re introducing today is improved accessibility with reading tracking support through a new user interface feature. This improved reading mode shows the reader where in a page the screen reader is currently reading out loud.

We will be releasing video tutorials for both these features shortly so that you can learn about these in more detail.

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.3.9 Release Notes

18 May 2020

Version 3.3.9 mainly contains stability fixes and improvements in rendering accuracy. Its great to see that so many of you are getting into the newest Re:flow template. We’re planning a bigger release with new features for the Re:flow template during June/July so please keep the feedback coming if you have features you’re missing! We will also be extending the publication analytics even further during the same period as well as add support for even better collaboration between users in the same team while using the desktop publisher.

Here are some of the notable fixes/adjustments in the last release

  • Fixed so that links in footnotes are correctly navigating when clicked (Re:flow template)
  • It is now possible to add in your custom tax/address details in the invoice section of the account area
  • Improved the match similar functionality for EPUB3 font substitution
  • Support for fallback-font added to FlowPaper elements for improved font accuracy
  • Fixed an issue where some links were not always clickable in Elements
  • Improved accuracy in text clipping when covered by images
  • It is now possible to add popover images to Elements and Zine publications
  • Fixed an issue related to self-hosted videos interfering with zoom in Zine

Kia Kaha!