Convert PDF docs into mobile-first publications

FlowPaper gives you the ability to finally convert your static PDF publications to web formats and make them fully responsive. Because FlowPaper converts fonts into real HTML5 fonts, you will always get instantly crystal clear text in all devices and sizes.

Choose if you want to publish using your Mac, Windows PC or right from the browser using the latest version of Google Chrome.


Static or reflowable layouts

Whether you want to choose to keep complex layouts static or reflow your documents into responsive publications, FlowPaper supports both.


Stay sharp at infinite zoom levels

Our publisher splits and compresses your publication into sizes optimized for the web so that the publication always loads as fast as any real web publication should load.


Real web fonts that look sharp on all sizes and devices

FlowPaper deconstructs and republishes your PDFs into HTML5 and SVG to a incredibly crisp and compact output size. This makes text sharp on every zoom level without delay.


Static or reflowable layout

Every document has its own characteristics and we know there's more than one way to skin a cat. Pick a layout that suits your document. FlowPaper lets you choose between reflowable and static layout.


Obfuscate and lock your content

FlowPaper includes an obfuscation feature to protect your content. This feature locks your content to your page and scrambles the fonts to avoid text from being copied.


As sharp as it gets

Tired of blurry text or slow PDF documents? Our new static layout mode optimizes and transforms your document into true HTML5 elements which means they will always be clear on whatever zoom level the user is on.


Optimizes and reduces file size

FlowPaper reduces your original file size up to 70 percent. This is great when you are working with large publications. The reduced file size loads your content much faster in any browser.


Real web fonts

FlowPaper Elements converts your PDF fonts into real web fonts. Choose between the original PDF fonts, change to a new font in your font library or import the web font from your web site when your import your PDF into FlowPaper.


Zoom, pinch and pan

The viewer supports the full range of hand gestures on touch enabled screens and operating systems such as iPad/iOS and Android. Pan, zoom or pinch into documents with static layout.

Example publications

Case Study

REINSW - Responsive Digital Edition

The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales publishes their membership magazines using FlowPaper Elements to improve the user experience and engagement.