Digital Catalog Maker for PDF Documents

Convert a PDF documnt into a interactive product catalog with videos, links to products and expand engage your visitors.

Simply uploading a PDF online can pose a number of difficulties

  • ✓ It is more or less impossible to know how the publication will appear across different devices
  • ✓ It does not provide any way of tracking how many visitors you get for the publication
  • ✓ Adding interactive content is not possible
  • ✓ It can take a long time to download for your visitors

Converting your PDF into a interactive online publication provides a number of benefits and will be a breeze with the range of settings and options available in FlowPaper. Choose to make a flipbook, a sliding catalogue or a responsive publication and add interactive features such at hot spots, videos, images and links to your digital catalog.

A catalog that works everywhere

Convert a PDF to a engaging online catalog that works everywhere. When published with FlowPaper, digital catalogs look great in all devices and shapes. They can be easily read on iPads, iPhones or Android devices. By splitting the publication in smaller segments, they also open up right away without having to wait for the whole catalog to download. You can add YouTube videos, images, links or hot spots on top of your catalog. Track and see how your visitors flip through the pages in your publication and how long time they spend on each page.

Create your own catalog in minutes

Get started today for free by accessing the catalog maker or downloading the publisher. Just import your PDF and in a few minutes your catalog will be ready to be used online. The catalog maker is used by a range of customers using it in the whole range from product catalogs to weekly ads and fashion catalogs. The desktop desktop version app supports both OSX and Windows and creates all the files you will need to publish your catalog. Upload your catalog to your web site, share it via Dropbox or, send it to your customers via email or a newsletter.