Interactive Annual Report Maker

Having an annual report is a common way to summarize the passing year, represent your company’s achievements and success, and highlight remarkable events. These reports usually consist of text, numbers, and charts, and have outdated offline formats. So, if not represented engagingly, you can result in losing your readers’ attention.

Thanks to the features Flowpaper offers, it's a lot easier to make online interactive annual reports, which are not only informative but also accessible and engaging.

Upload and Share your Annual Report in minutes


Import the PDF file

The steps are really simple. You can either import the file, or drag and drop it in the window that will pop up.


Choose a Style

This is your creative step, where you have to choose the style of the template, the background color or image, add any links, videos, or images you would like to be included in your annual report. No coding needed, everything is simplified , accessible, and user friendly.


Publish and Upload

Once you are satisfied with the look of your publication, the final step is to publish your report either using FlowPaper cloud hosting or host the publication on your own server. And your report is ready!

Test and embed the annual report online

FlowPaper lets you try the annual report you have created without needing a real device by emulating different sizes and devices. It also embeds the publication seamlessly on your web site. Try the result using the demo below!

Key Features

Here are the top key features that FlowPaper provides to your impactful annual reports.

Personalized and Customizable

You will have the ability to promote your brand by adding your company’s logo and branding colors to the report. FlowPaper lets you customize your publication, whether it is a brochure, catalog, magazine, or flipbook, by choosing from a range of skins and templates. You can also select individual settings by choosing a toolbar, background colors, or adding a background image.

Interactive and Modern

The online version of the annual report is a unique and modern way of representing your data and bringing your PDF brochures to life. The online format allows you to integrate videos, images, add links or embed videos, choose between the slide, flipbook, or tri-fold templates and give the users a realistic experience.

Analytics and Heatmaps Available

FlowPaper also lets you integrate Google Analytics into the online publication to track and measure the performance and to better understand what the readers want to see. Another important feature is the color-coded heat maps that help to track your visitors’ behavior and know which part of your publication is the most eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Mobile Friendly

A significant plus of creating annual reports with FlowPaper is that your customers can access your digital publication anytime and anywhere from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. FlowPaper enhances the reading experience so that readers with small devices can tap on texts and quickly zoom in to read a specific paragraph.

Lead Generation Available

Last but not least, you can apply lead forms to any type of digital publication to collect leads. This way you can know how well your users interact and engage with a particular section of your content and trigger an intelligent follow-up to boost your engagement.