Make a instant flipbook using Javascript

Add the FlowPaper viewer to any application or web page using a single line of Javascript with out-of-the-box support for interactive elements such as video, images and links.

    $(div).FlowPaperViewer( { config : { PDFFile : "Paper.pdf" }});

Comes with a wide range of styling options

FlowPaper lets you fully customize your publications- the desktop publisher provides all the tools you'll need to preview the style settings you want to use for your publication. From there, FlowPaper lets you create a XML file you can use for your installation so that the viewing experience blends in with the rest of your web site.

Please see our styling tutorial on the following page for a complete guide on how to create this style file.

Works with all major web hosting providers

FlowPaper requires no special configuration in order to work on your web server. As long as your web server can serve PDF files, it can also serve FlowPaper publications. As no server components are required in order to run FlowPaper, it works out of the box on AWS, Azure, Godaddy and all other major web and cloud hosting providers.

What can you publish with FlowPaper?

FlowPaper provides a publisher that can be used to convert PDFs into a range of different publications. A few different publications can be seen below.

Interactive Publication

Interactive 3D Flipbook

See how the flipbook maker can convert your PDFs to interactive 3D flipbooks