Brochure Maker for PDF Documents

Uploading your static PDF brochure to your web site provides little to no interactivity to your visitors. It also limits you in how you can add interactive content to your brochure. In the jungle of devices out there, its more or less impossible to know how your PDF will look when viewed by the visitors. Getting your brochures online is easy with our brochure software.

FlowPaper lets you publish a digital version of your brochures and flyers. Our Desktop Publisher lets you publish and enhance your brochure or flyer within minutes.


Recharge your PDF brochures with FlowPaper

Bring your PDF brochures to life by creating a interactive web publication with page turn effects using FlowPaper. The realistic page flipping effect is one of those nostalgic features that will make your readers smile. The flip publication above shows you how a PDF converted to HTML5 with FlowPaper can look once published. You can use FlowPaper for any kind of brochure including travel brochures, real estate or product brochures.


Upload & Enhance

FlowPaper lets you customize your brochure publication by choosing from a range of skins and templates. You can also select indivodual settings by choosing toolbar, background colors or add a background image. Integrate videos, images or links to your digital brochure. You stay in charge of the digital publication.


Works anywhere

Let your customers access your PDF flipbook anytime from their tablet, smartphone or desktop. FlowPaper adapts to the device and deliver the best reader experience.


Distribute your brochure through multiple channels

You can add your online brochure to any page of your website or publish it to your company's page on popular social networking sites. Your PDF flipbook - anywhere you want.


Analyze & Optimize

FlowPaper lets you incorporate Google Analytics into your publication. The tracking will be added to your Google Ananlytics account and you will be able to measure your digital publications performance and use the information to optimize them.