FlowPaper Classic - collaborate and annotate pdf documents on the web

FlowPaper Classic lets your users collaborate within your PDF documents using just a browser! Add notes, highlight text and draw figures in your documents and share the annotations among your colleagues. The product supports printing, exporting annotations back to PDF or saving them in a database so that your users can share and take their notes with them. Web annotations in FlowPaper features a full set of API methods which can be used to add annotations support to your application.

The viewer comes with easy to set up scripts in ASP.NET, PHP and JSP. This online document viewer supports touch devices as well as traditional desktop browsers in interacting with the annotations.



Allow your users to have discussions about parts of your document by turning on the collaboration mode.
Want to try the collaboration mode? Click here for a demo


Export back to PDF

Our latest version supports saving the annotations back to PDF if you want to let your users take their notes away and share in an email or other medium.


Set up in minutes

We provide you with easily customizable start-up scripts for PHP, Java and ASP.NET which inlcude examples for how you can store annotations in a database.


Full support for touch gestures

Our viewer supports the full range of hand gestures on touch enabled screens and operating systems such as iPad/iOS and Android. Pan, zoom or pinch into the document.


Maximum browser coverage

FlowPaper Classic supports publishing documents in both HTML5, Flash so that you can reach visitors even if they're using older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6.


Fully Customizable

Tweak the user interface until it suits your design. Change background, panel colors and icons. Styles chan be changed for both mobile and desktop browsers.


Maximum Privacy

No external servers are involved in publishing your documents. You are in full control over how your documents are displayed and served. You choose where and how you want to show and serve your documents.


You're in control

Don't give away control of how you price your publication nor any of your user data. You are in full control over how and where you publish your own documents at all times.


Proven document viewer

The pdf reader supports all modern devices such as the Apple iPad and the full set of features expected from a modern document viewer such as searching, highlighting and printing.