Improve your sales with real customer data

Ever wondered who checks out your PDFs? Well, with FlowPaper's PDF tracking, you can find out for sure! Transform your PDFs into trackable publications to discover who's reading them, when they're reading, and how long they're spending on each page. Gain valuable insights to enhance your content and communication with your audience.

Creating trackable links lets you see how your content performs with a particular group of people. It also gets you notified if any in the group are viewing or downloading the publication.

Try with one of your PDFs
Tracking publications

How to add individual tracking to your documents

Collecting statistics and getting insights from specific individuals just takes a few clicks once you have imported your publication into FlowPaper.

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  • Start by importing your PDF

    Simply drag and drop your PDF file or choose to upload it directly from your computer. Pick a template, and voila! Your flipbook will be imported in a matter of seconds.

    No need to worry about specific requirements – large PDFs work seamlessly.

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  • Click on 'Share' to upload your publication

    To create individual links that can be used for tracking, your publication first needs to be uploaded to FlowPaper cloud.

    The uploading process only takes a few seconds.

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  • Create your Trackable Link

    Click on the 'Trackable Link' label in the sharing dialogue and add a link name for your individual tracking link. Then click "Create Link" to generate the link.

    The link which is displayed below is the link you can use to track your publication