How to add interactive elements to your flip book using Flowpaper Desktop Publisher

FlowPaper Desktop Publisher makes it easy for you to add photos, links or videos to your publication.

Entering edit mode

Enter the editing mode by clicking on the edit button in the top right corner of the screen

Locating the buttons

You can locate your editing buttons add on buttons in the top right corner of the Desktop Publisher design screen. Click on the appropriate button.

To add a link

When you click the add link button a pop-up with different options appear. It lets you select where the link shall navigate, open an email window or navigate to a specific page in you publication. Once you are done selecting finish by clicking the ok button. Now finish adding your link by drawing an area where you want the link to appear.

To add an image

When you click the add image button, a pop-up window will appear. Browse to select your image. You can also choose to add link your image to a URL. In here you can also tick the maintain high/width aspect ratio box, a useful tool when you want to make sure the image does not get distorted. Now finish adding your image by drawing an area where you want the image to appear.

To add a video

To paste a video into your publication you will need to have a youtube link ready. Paste the link into the pop-up window that appears clicking the add video button. Click ok and the video is added to the document. Now finish adding your video by drawing an area where you want the video to appear.

Once you are done with all your document editing, publish by clicking the "publish" button in the to right corner.