Accessible Online PDF Reader

Did you know that none of the major web browsers support screen readers for the visually impaired or blind when they want to read a PDF document online? Open a PDF in the browser and try to have the text read out loud using speech synthesis and you either end up with nothing or at best the first few lines of text.

We did something about this. Download our extension for free in the Chrome web store.


As sharp as it gets

FlowPaper converts the PDF to HTML5 elements which means that you can zoom in and out of the PDFs just like any web page, without waiting for the viewer to re-render the pages. Want to print the page you're viewing? Don't worry, the text sharpness stays just as sharp in the print as on screen.


A PDF reader that supports screen readers

This browser extension is mainly built to support popular screen readers such as JAWS and NVDA so that you can continue reading the PDF documents just like any other web page. No more downloading or tricky keys to get the browser to read out the text.


Reflow and relax

Want to let the text reflow and avoid having the headers and footers being read out over and over again? No problem - just reflow the document and let your screen reader read out the text.