Create a Interactive PDF Magazine

Flip your PDF magazine into a web publication with FlowPaper

Creating a interactive magazine with realistic page turn effects and interactive content is as easy as opening a PDF file. Creating a magazine with FlowPaper has a number of key benefits:

  • ✓ You're always in full control of where and how you want to host your content. Your content, your business.
  • ✓ The desktop publisher supports multiple output formats giving you the best possible browser coverage.
  • ✓ The Zine license does not incur any recurring costs. Pay once and keep forever.

Customize and make it yours

FlowPaper lets you customize your pdf flip magazine to suit your needs. Choose between style templates to skin the viewer, add an image as background or change background colors. Select what buttons to be active on the toolbar menu and customize the colors. Embed videos, images or links into your magazine.

Adapts to the device

FlowPaper's inbuilt Adaptive User Interface makes sure that your digital magazine publication works on any device as it supports Adobe Flash, HTML4 & HTML5. Effects such as the 3D flip that can be seen above will degrade gracefully on devices that are unable to use 3D.

Distribute or publish online

With FlowPaper you can select to publish your magazine documents with our web server package or with our Desktop Publisher. Embed it on your web page or share it on social media channels. The output from the desktop publisher adjusts to the channel it is being distributed so that your publication always looks great.

Full text search

By splitting your publication into smaller sections, FlowPaper quickly searches and indexes your publication. This takes away long waiting times and the need for a server side component.