How to preview page flip PDF publications on iPad without a real device

This is a description on how to preview your publication using FlowPaper Desktop Publisher. It is easy to test how your publication will look and behave on a touch device such as iPad.

Enter emulation mode by clicking on one of the devices in the lower right corner

The main window will adjust to fit the device size so that you can preview the publication in one of the devices you select.

iPhone emulation of the PDF flip book publication

FlowPaper emulates the iPad by "faking" the user agent and converts the touch events to mouse events so that the viewer treats it as if it was an iPhone device. This makes it possible to view the publication on a desktop PC without touch support.

* The same can be done by simply adding a "#mobilepreview" parameter to the url of the viewer. For example to initiate the same preview mode in any browser simply append this parameter like this:,flash#mobilepreview=ipad