FlowPaper 3.2.7 Release Notes

21 January 2019

The summer is firing at full throttle here in the land of the long white cloud. The release this month contains both fixes as well as a number of improvements. One of the features included that has been requested by many, is the ability to replace pages in an imported PDF document without losing changes.

Changes in this release:

  • It is now possible to replace pages in Zine publications without losing changes to added links, videos etc.
  • Fixed an issue where re-opening Elements publications with a TOC/Bookmarks would render fonts incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where having a different output directory than standard void prevent cloud uploads
  • Fixed an issue where pages were not centering properly when zoomed in when using pages of different sizes
  • Fixed an issue where sharing Elements publications on Facebook would cause the license key check to fail
  • Improved space handling in Elements publications
  • Fixed an issue where the preview mode would force the viewer into two-page mode on mobile even if in landscape
  • Fixed an issue where Google Analytics events would be recorded when viewing publications inside the desktop publisher
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling to the bottom in Portrait while using the Zine viewer wouldn’t show the last page completely in certain scenarios
  • Improved performance when pages are changed at the same time as glyphs being rendered in the Zine viewer
  • FlowPaper Elements publications now support nested (tree with branches) table of contents menus
  • Now tracking events to Google Analytics for when videos are being played
  • Now tracking events to Google Analytics for when PDFs are downloaded via the toolbar
  • Improved text accuracy in EPUB/EPUB3 for texts where the characters are spaced out using multiple whitespaces
  • Improved search abstract texts in their accuracy (in Zine)
  • Improved partial swiping for reflowable publications
  • Fixed an issue where expanding the left panel would shrink the publication incorrectly in Elements
  • Fixed a regression issue where in-publication links wouldn’t navigate properly in Elements publications
  • Fixed an issue where the nav buttons would be slightly mispositioned in the Elements viewer when resized on the first page

FlowPaper 3.2.6 Release Notes

12 December 2018

As we’re getting close to x-mas we wanted to post a short follow up build with a few smaller corrections. Chrome has recently changed their API for how they handle full screen which was affecting some publications so a fix for that has been included in this version.


  • Links added with icons are now better represented with a round background
  • Fixed an issue where dropping elements between images in re-flowable mode would not work accurately
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to use HTML4 format instead of HTML5 in the desktop publisher
  • Hot-fix for Chrome 67 related to the full screen api changing slightly
  • Graphical changes to the desktop publisher
  • More video tutorials added

FlowPaper 3.2.5 Release Notes

28 November 2018

This month contains a few but nonetheless important fixes and new video tutorials that we have published in our documentation section. The improvements include improvements to the Google Analytics statistics that can be collected and general bug fixes.

  • A number of new video tutorials for the desktop publisher were added at https://flowpaper.com/docs/
  • Improved device swipe accuracy in the reflowable templates
  • Fixed a regression issue related to opening new links in a new window for the Elements viewer
  • Include a preview image for reflowable publications shared on Twitter
  • Removed all references to flash embedding in the Zine viewer
  • Added support for hiding/showing scroll hints in the reflow viewer
  • Minor corrections to the time spent calculator for Google Analytics
  • Minor corrections to how the path to the current document is calculated when recording Google Analytics events
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to enable the full-screen button on iPad and iPhone via the desktop publisher
  • External link clicks are now included in the statistics for Google Analytics
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to link images in reflowable publications
  • Fixed an issue where the story footer wasn’t being saved
  • Fixed an issue where stories were not showing the footer in mobile devices
  • Fixed an issue where Elements publications with improved SEO turned on wouldn’t detect headers if there was no TOC present
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a link and subsequently trying to zoom in failed in Zine
  • Improved clipping accuracy in Zine and Elements publications
  • Improved the handling of differently sized pages in Zine
  • Improved space injection handling for reflowable publications
  • The elements-slide & the elements-flip modes now start in the middle if used with ‘Single Page First’


FlowPaper 3.2.4 Release Notes

1 November 2018

We’re delighted to announce our next version on FlowPaper which contains quite a few new features and general improvements.

This release mainly focuses on social sharing and the way your publications are being both shown in various networks such as Twitter, Facebook and also how you can reuse your content in your publications to create stories for networks such as Instagram and Snapchat. We have improved the way previews are shown in all social networks and are also adding a new template “Social Media Story” which lets you create short snippets that you can then share across these networks. The “Social Media Story” template is available to all our Creative and Pro license holders. Video tutorials on how to use this template will follow shortly.

Here are the major changes in this release:

  • Improved device rotation adjustments in reflow mode
  • Improved accuracy to the flatten/compressed import optimizations in the desktop publisher
  • Fixed an issue where some page sizes would render incorrect thumbnail sizes in Zine
  • A new ‘Social Media Story’ template has been added to the desktop publisher that allows you to export snippets from your publications into stories that can be shared on social media websites such as Instagram and Snapchat
  • Fixed an issue where complex publications would run into a max callstack scenario when analysed as a reflowable publication
  • Fixed an issue where the source page wasn’t referenced properly in the time spent analytics tracker
  • Added support for right-to-left (RTL) reading to Zine in the desktop publisher
  • Added support for opengraph to the Elements and Reflowable templates
  • Converting PDF to Adobe Flash powered publications is no longer supported in the desktop publisher, resulting in a much smaller install file
  • Added support for Twitter cards which improves the look of publication shared on twitter (Zine+Elements)
  • Zine now automatically detects when shown in an iframe and will show a miniature instead of the full publication, allowing the user to view the publication in full screen for improved UX
  • Now supporting popover texts in reflowable publications


FlowPaper 3.2.3 Release Notes

1 October 2018

Kia Ora (means hello in New Zealand Maori language) all FlowPaper users!

We have quite a few enhancement in this release which we hope you’ll all enjoy! They include the ability to add iframes to your publications, the ability to track time spent on the pages and a new tri-fold style publication for our ‘Creative’ license holders! See the major changes below.

  • Fixed an issue where disabling search and page number wasn’t hiding the related controls in Zine
  • The publishing dialogue has been made easier to use
  • Performance improvements for editing reflowable publications
  • Fixed a regression error related to publishing ePub3
  • Added more style settings for reflow publications
  • Added the ability to remove all items it the table of contents editor
  • Added the ability to configure link target for all templates in the desktop publisher
  • Added support for embedding iframes into web publications via the desktop publisher
  • Fixed an issue where it wouldn’t be possible to link to the last pages in two-fold publications if using the Elements template
  • Elements publications now support thumbnail navigation
  • Fixed an issue where two fold publications would not render the last page properly in certain Elements publications
  • Added link icons for both Zine and Elements publications
  • Added link popover texts for both Zine and Elements publications
  • Its now possible to edit link, image and video properties after they have been set instead of recreating the element
  • Added ‘Time Spent’ to the Google Analytics that can be collected using FlowPaper for both Zine, Elements and digital cross-platform editions
  • Added a new FlowPaper Elements template called ‘Folded Pages’ which looks like a tri-fold in its look but allows horizontal scrolling
  • Added more image output quality options for the Elements and Zine viewer
  • Fixed an issue where IE11 was only printing the first page in some scenarios
  • Improved auto detection of email links in Zine

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.2.2 Release Notes

29 August 2018

We trust that our customers on the northern hemisphere has had a warm and pleasant vacation. The next version of FlowPaper is due in the next few days. This is a summarised list of changes that are included in this version.

  • Added page sounds as a setting to Zine
  • Fixed smaller regression issues related to adding and resizing external images into reflow publications
  • Fixed an issue where the background would be black when printing flattened/compressed Zine publications in Firefox
  • Fixed an issue where pinching into fixed layout pages in reflow would cause them to mis-position in iOS
  • Added the option to add all pages as re-flowable or fixed layout in the web page builder. Right click on the pages and choose ‘Add all as ..’
  • Fix the arrows in Zine sometimes wrapping into a new line incorrectly
  • Added the ability to change the arrow size in Zine publications
  • Fixed an issue where some links added to Elements publications were not clickable in mobile safari
  • Fixed an issue where the start page would be rendered as 404 if using ‘Improved SEO’ together with ‘Use document name as file name’
  • Fixed an issue where hovering over images with an additional mouseover image would fail to work in some scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where some links added to Elements publications were not opening when embedded in an iframe and when browsing using mobile Safari
  • Improved WCAG support for the Elements viewer
  • Improved UX for the reflow mode to make it easier to import and select parts of a page to import into the publication
  • Fixed an issue where invisible text was exported in the web page builder template
  • Fixed an issue where annotation links were not supported into fixed layout pages for the web page builder
  • Fixed an issue where parts of pages were not visible in edit mode when using the adjust two fold setting for Zine
  • Fixed a regression issue where the bottom toolbar template would be missing its top margin in Zine
  • Fixed an issue where using go to page in Elements when using landscape mode would navigate to the wrong page number

FlowPaper a finalist in the Digiday Technology Awards

9 August 2018

We are delighted to have been shortlisted in the Digiday Technology Awards in the category Best Content Marketing Platform for FlowPaper Desktop Publisher!

The Digiday Content Marketing Awards recognize the companies and campaigns that best connect brands to their audiences through modern approaches to content marketing.

The making of the FlowPaper video

31 July 2018

Some of our clients have asked how our intro video was created, so here’s a small ‘making of’ video of how it was done. The production agency (PixelPush) that worked with us did an amazing job and won an award for this video!

This was back in the days when FlowPaper was still called FlexPaper. Enjoy!

How to upload and embed a PDF flipbook to WIX

24 July 2018

This tutorial will review the steps involved in uploading and embedding your PDF documents as a flipbook/slide presentation or as a reflowable publication. This includes catalogs, magazines, and brochures. FlowPaper optimizes your publication by splitting it into smaller parts and reducing its complexity so that your website visitors are able to view your PDF documents as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


Make sure you have the FlowPaper Desktop Publisher installed on your Mac or PC before proceeding with this tutorial.


Step 1 – Sharing your publication on FlowPaper cloud

You need to upload the publication to your website or to FlowPaper cloud for the publication to be available online. This tutorial uses FlowPaper cloud as its way of uploading the publication.  Click on the ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner of the desktop publisher and proceed to use the ‘Share on FlowPaper cloud’ option to make your publication available online. This should give you a public URL starting with https://online.flowpaper.com which can be used to view and share the PDF online.


Step 2 – Add the iframe component to your WIX web site

Switch over to WIX and click on “add”, “more” and then “HTML iframe” as shown in the illustration below

Step 3 – Add the code and update the URL to your publication

The last step of embedding the publication is to add the code snippet that adds the publication to the page. Copy the code snippet below and paste it into the HTML text box. Then update the URL in the snippet to the URL that you received after uploading your publication to FlowPaper cloud (marked in bold).

<iframe frameborder="0" width="100%" height="500" src="<strong>https://online.flowpaper.com/78f7074d/2016VacationGuideIndexTest/</strong>" type="text/html" scrolling="no" allowFullScreen></iframe>

The publication should now show up inside the iFrame box. Resize the resulting component so that it fits your page. All done!

FlowPaper 3.2.1 Release Notes

12 July 2018

This is mainly a follow-up build to the new and enhanced reflow mode which was introduced in 3.2.0.

It is recommended that you update to this version if you are using any of our sample server-side scripts (ASP.net/PHP) as it improves fixes for improved security. Note that these improved security checks do not affect users of our desktop publisher, or publications on our cloud hosting. Contact us at [email protected] if you want help updating these scripts.

A special thank you goes out to Ahmad Mahfouz (@eln1x) for helping us improving the security in the PHP and ASP.NET scripts.

Changes in this release include:

  • Various smaller corrections to the new reflow templates
  • Fixed an issue where Max Zoom wasn’t being saved properly for the Zine template in the Desktop Publisher
  • Added support for oEmbed in the Desktop Publisher
  • Improved header detection when the reflowing text in the desktop publisher
  • Improved swipe support for reflowable publications with partial dragging
  • Improved drag/drop support in the reflow template
  • Fixed an issue where attached PDF files would fail to download if the publication had publication protection enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the authentication would get re-triggered when navigating back on iPad after opening a link
  • Improved size margins for tablets when using the Zine template
  • The Zine viewer is now vertically centered in the middle when the bottom thumbnails are disabled
  • Fixed an issue where two-fold publications would get their images incorrectly positioned in the reflow editor
  • Added a new EPUB setting for controlling spread (auto, none, portrait, both)
  • Performance improvements for Android when pinching (Zine)
  • Added the line-wrap style setting to the styles that can be modified in reflowable publications
  • Fixed an issue where the fixed layout area background would turn black if selected outside of a page boundary in reflowable publications
  • Fixed an issue where two-fold publications wouldn’t extract fixed layout regions correctly in reflowable publications
  • Increased prev/next nav button size for tablets (Zine)
  • Various improvements to the security checks for the sample server-side scripts (Zine, Classic)