How to restrict where your PDF flipbooks are embedded and displayed

5 December 2022

One of the key features of FlowPaper is its ability to easily embed your flipbooks on your website. To do this, you simply need to use the “Publish” feature in FlowPaper to generate an embed code for your flipbook. This code can then be copied and pasted into the HTML of your website, where it will automatically display your flipbook.

In addition to being easy to embed, FlowPaper also allows you to restrict the display of your flipbooks to a specific domain. This means that you can choose which websites are allowed to display your flipbooks, and block them from being displayed on any other websites.

How to restrict your flipbooks to your domain

To restrict the display of your flipbooks to a specific domain, you simply need to use the “Publish” feature in FlowPaper to generate an embed code for your flipbook. When you generate this code, you’ll have the option to specify the domain where your flipbook can be displayed.

Once you’ve added this restriction to your embed code, your flipbook will only be displayed on the domain you specified. This can be useful for preventing unauthorized use of your flipbooks, or for ensuring that your flipbooks are only displayed on websites that you have approved.

Overall, FlowPaper makes it easy to embed and restrict the display of your flipbooks on your website. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, FlowPaper allows you to create engaging and visually appealing publications that will enhance the reading experience of your audience.

FlowPaper 3.6.4 Release Notes

30 November 2022

Christmas is getting closer and we’re working hard to get the most requested features out to you in time for events and shopping campaigns. Version 3.6.4 has a number of improvements and fixes that we know some of you’ve been waiting for.

  • Updated the FlowPaper 3D rendering library providing improved performance and stability for the Zine template
  • Improved handling for zoom keys in the browser (+/-)
  • Improvements in positioning of the fisheye icons at the bottom of the Zine template to better accomodate different zoom levels when embedded in iframes
  • Improved the functionality for renaming publications from the dashboard
  • Improved handling of OCR documents to make sure text is always searchable via the “Export Invisible Text” setting
  • Included “Generate Promo Video” on the sharing dialogue window accessible from the dashboard.
  • Improved overall exception/error handling in the desktop publisher
  • Various minor improvements to the interactivity editor
  • Minor improvements to the flipbook video maker (promotional video generator)
  • Bug corrections to the setting of image animations in Elements
  • A new icon set for the Zine template!
  • It is now possible to protect publications so that they are only displayed when embedded on your specified domain

Kia Kaha!

A fresh look for your promotion videos

6 November 2022

Generating promotional videos for your publications that can be shared social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok has been shown to be popular among our users. We have improved the promo video generator further to help you catch even more attention for your newly published documents. The video below was generated using the upcoming version of FlowPaper.

You can see how we have used the video below in one of our tweets.

How to generate promo videos for your publications

You can find this promo video generator in the desktop publisher. Simply click publish and upload your publication to FlowPaper cloud. The promo video settings will appear at the bottom of the dialogue after you have uploaded your publication. There are now three texts you can supply the promo video with, as seen in the image below:

Keep an eye out for FlowPaper version 3.6.3!

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.6.2 Release Notes

25 October 2022

Our latest 3.6.2 release is targetted on improving the conditions for editing and adding interactive elements, with particular focus around hotspots for links, images and video elements. Hotspots are essentially links that appear as pulsing points of interest. These complement traditional link areas where you want get the visitor’s attention.

The list below summarizes the set of changes affecting this version:

  • A number of smaller improvements in relation to animations for the Elements template
  • Corrected an issue related to videos not playing as intended on some mobile devices after a image gallery had been clicked on
  • Improved the video quality for publication previews
  • Improved edit mode with easier to understand edit buttons
  • It is now possible to animate images using the Elements template without the risk of breaking the layout when the image is “detached” from the PDF page
  • Improved lazy loading of image thumbnails in very large reflow publications
  • Spotlight images now available in FlowPaper Elements
  • Hotspot links, images and videos are now available in Zine and Elements
  • A number of corrections and improvements for importing image files as well as the ability to drop image files into the drop zone
  • Fixed an issue where table of contents wouldn’t close properly on some mobile devices when using the Zine template
  • Improved the look and behavior of the image/photo spotlight feature

Example Publication with Hotspots

You can see a demo below featuring the hotspot features mentioned in the release notes above

FlowPaper 3.6.1 Release Notes

11 September 2022

Version 3.6.1 is out with a great set of improvements around animations and interactivity! With the collected input we’ve recieved over the last few months, we’ve noticed that many of you would like to make it easier to apply animations to texts and shapes. We’ve therefore added a new easy-to-access animations menu to the Elements template which is available via the top right corner on each page as seen below.

There are animations available on the left for both texts and shapes that can be applied through a simple click. The resulting animations can be seen in the preview area on the right-hand side. We’ve of course added support for these animations while at the same time preserving the crystal clear text rendering as well as the high definition images for each publication.

Example Publication with Animations

We’ve prepared a demo publication for you so that you can get an idea of what you can do with these new animation templates. The publication below has used both text and shape animations to highlight different parts of the original PDF document. Browse through this publication and enjoy a few of its pages!

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.6.0 Release Notes

26 July 2022

This week we’re releasing version 3.6.0. This version is mainly focused at providing the Elements templates with improvements in text rendering accuracy. The Elements template is fantastic to use when converting PDF documents to HTML5. It now takes rendering accuracy even further by combining SVG together with HTML5. It still provides the option of animating headers/body text as well as images, shapes and other figures inside of the imported PDF document.

The template still offers great performance in improving SEO for your PDF documents as well as allowing Google to translate the converted publications if needed. We hope you’ll enjoy the improvements in this release.

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.5.9 Release Notes

7 June 2022

Version 3.5.9 is being made available today. This version is focused on improved interactivity and also features a new sub template to the Elements template which has been requested. Please see the points below for more detail

  • It is now possible to import image files directly into FlowPaper to create a publication.
  • We’ve added a number of bug corrections and improvements to the edit mode of the desktop publisher.
  • Undo/Redo improved in edit mode for the Zine & Elements templates
  • Improved performance when dragging and resizing objects in edit mode
  • It is now possible to choose a ‘Flip-Horizontal’ page animation mode when choosing template under the Elements category
  • Improved edit mode for the Zine template with a revamped properties box on the right-hand side of the editing window allowing easier modification of properties and sizes & positions of elements
  • It is now possible to add ‘spotlight images’ to your publications. These will appear as clickable round links that can be placed inside pages to give an indication that something more is available to the viewer

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.5.8 Release Notes

9 May 2022

We’re pleased to present the latest version of FlowPaper - featuring shape animations and a number of bug fixes and improvements. Here are the major points introduced to this version:

  • You can now apply animations to any major shape/vector illustration inside your publication. This is especially useful for charts, graphs and vector backgrounds backgrounds. Click on ‘Edit’ when you have imported your PDF using any of the ‘Elements’ templates. You will find the shape selections available in the editing area, which you then can apply animations to.
  • Added support for PDF widgets when importing publications into FlowPaper
  • It is now possible to use more generous link matching when importing Zine publications so that links without www. will be identified
  • It is now possible to disable search engine indexing for your publications. This setting can be found in the settings section on the left
  • A range of minor bug corrections

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.5.7 Release Notes

16 March 2022

In the next few days, you’ll see version 3.5.7 appearing in the download section of the account area.

This version of FlowPaper updates the rendering engine of the desktop publisher, which affects the aspects of document conversion related to things like output optimization, color and text accuracy as well as anything else related to PDF rendering. For most of you, this release just means that you’ll be able to import your documents and process them faster. Some of you might see slight improvements in things like color tables and font quality and some of you, will be able to convert your documents in a more optimized and more accurate manner.

If you are experiencing any rendering issues as a result of this release then don’t hestitate to letting us know. We will be monitoring our inboxes and error reports with extra attention for anything reported.

Kia Kaha!

FlowPaper 3.5.6 Release Notes

3 January 2022

As we’re entering the new year, we want to reach out and send a special thank you to all our customers who continued to choose us as their digital publication platform for 2021! We have a number of exciting features that are due to be released this year. We’re starting off with a easy going platform update which improves stability and performance across all products.

  • Upgraded the electron runtime which powers the installed version of the desktop publisher to the latest version. This improves stability and performance to the installed version of FlowPaper Desktop Publisher
  • Improved search loader indicator for Zine
  • It is now possible to extract and animate image inside the Elements template
  • Undo/redo now available in the reflow/mobile first template
  • Adjustments to font scaling in FlowPaper Zine to optimize sharpness
  • Adjusted video embeds to make sure they play without having to click them more than once. This had to be adjusted after Google changed their browser policy around autoplaying videos
  • Improved page flipping speed in Zine
  • Upgraded the Electron framework for the desktop publisher, improving overall stability and performance
  • A fix was applied where the language of the UI wasn’t passed through properly to the text-to-speech functionality in accesisble elements documents
  • Corrections for autoplaying video clips
  • Adjustments to device pixel ratio for optimal image quality in Zine
  • A number of improvements added to the mobile first template in both stability and accuracy

Kia Kaha!