Create interactive web publications from a PDF with your Mac or PC

With our desktop publisher you can publish your document or magazine within minutes. It does't matter if you are a PC or a Mac guy, it works for both. Download a free trial and publish your first document today.

The user-friendly interface of our desktop publisher makes the digital publishing fast and easy. Optimize the viewer the way you want it and publish within minutes. With our preview function, you will be able to see your selected options right away. The integrated publish feature lets you publish and preview the publication in a browser before uploading your publication to your web server.

Analyze visitor performance

Track what your viewers are reading by adding a Google analytics tracking code. Our software lets you integrate the publication viewing data into your Google analytics account, this way you will always be up to date with the performance of your publication.

Add interactive elements to the PDF

Our desktop publisher makes it easy to add videos, images or links to your publication. You can add one or several videos, images or links anywhere you want in the publication. Resize and position your media right where you want them.

Skin and customize the viewer

Customize the skin with style templates or change of background colors, gradients or by importing a background image. With our desktop publisher you can also choose whether you want the toolbar disabled and choose what buttons to have active in your toolbar.

Select Publishing Settings

The Publishing Settings lets you control how your document will be published. Fine tune the settings of your publication to get the best resolution or go for optimized loading time. Choose your primary format and your fall back format. FlowPaper supports Flash, HTML4 & HTML5.

Adjust viewer behavior

Maximize the control by altering your viewer behavior settings. This lets you select how the viewer is going to render your document. Select starting page, zoom settings, print options and full screen settings.