Florists' Review May 2020

Creativity & Composition Creativity & Composition WEDDING BOUQUETS Flavia Bruni is the  rst, and only, Italian  oral designer recognized by the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD). She has acquired her knowledge attending professional courses in Italy and abroad. Flavia has worked for years as an instructor at the Daisy Flowers School, which she founded in 1999. In addition to teaching and creating  oral arrangements for individuals and companies, she is a frequent guest on Italian television including Floral Design and the Meaning of Flowers. WWW.FLAVIABRUNI.IT Twenty-six bouquets, different in shape, style and color. From the questions raised during her Floral Art courses and the requests of her brides, Flavia Bruni presents 26 original bouquets, describing materials, techniques and suggestions to make them or simply draw the right inspiration. Bouquets 9781735560304 51999> ISBN 978-1-7355603-0-4 $19.99| 08Italian Wedding Bouquets 09 |Creativity & Composition In my first book, Floral Arti stry, I selected, described and contextualized 29 flowers in as many floral creations, giving practical design ideas for those who are passionate about floral art or simply want to get closer to it. With this book, I wanted to investigate a specific type of composition: the wedding bouquet, in all of its different characteristics and variations. The wedding bouquet has always fascinated me because it represents a unique and different “jewel” for every bride. As such, it must be specially designed to meet the style of the dress and to reflect bride’s personality, sense of style and body type, as she turns her dreams into reality. As a passionate floral design professional, I often lose myself in the evolution of creativity, right up to the construction of the suitable bouquets for all of my brides. The shape, choice of flowers, combination of colors, inspiration and technique distinguish each bouquet from any other. The meticulous and artisanal construction and the care for details and finishes make it possible to offer an exclusive and unrepeatable creation to every bride because of the variety of styles, flowers and materials that can be chosen. In this book, I have created 26 bouquets in a variety of styles, shapes, difficulties and execution times, in hopes of passing on my passion for floral art. INTRODUCTION| 010Italian Wedding Bouquets 011 |Creativity & Composition Echo of the Sea| 012Italian Wedding Bouquets Description: This bouquet was created in an oval shape to follow the unusual shape of the seashell. Simple yet elegant, it is perfectly suitable for a romantic beach wedding. Difficulty:{ Design Time:{ Advice: For greater stability of the floral foam inside the shell, adhere it with hot-melt (pan) glue. The small mother-of-pearl sea-snail shells give the bouquet a brighter and more refined appearance. Echo of the Sea 013 |Creativity & Composition Curiosity: When the flowers of the bouquet have faded, the shell will remain as treasured keepsake of the wedding. Floral Materials: Dendrobium, Rosa ‘Akito’, Eustoma. Decorative Materials: Large conch shell, mother-of-pearl sea-snail shells. Technical Materials and Tools: Cut-flower shears, floral foam, hot-melt (pan) glue, liquid floral adhesive. Construction: Place floral foam, soaked in flower-food solution, inside the shell. Assure that it is stable and secure. Arrange the flowers, alternating them in a harmonious way. Complete with mother-of- pearl sea snails affixed with liquid floral adhesive.| 058Italian Wedding Bouquets 059 |Creativity & Composition Vintage Poche eNext >

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