Florists' Review May 2020

A CURATED SELECTION OF TIMELY TECHNIQUES FROM THE PAGES OF FLORISTS’ REVIEW SEASONS  FLORAL DESIGN TECHNIQUES Designed around the seasons, this eye-catching Florists’ Review bookazine is a selective reprint of our most popular and interesting how-to design columns from the last two years. Each spread highlights a step-by-step approach along with beautifully photographed floral arrangements including tablescapes, bouquets, sympathy displays, weddings and more. 9781733782616 52495> ISBN 978-1-7337826-1-6 $24.95032 Modern Wreath 034 New Take on a Wrist Corsage 036 Blooming Boots 038 Modern Spin 040 Cascading Centerpiece 042 Handicrafted Basket 044 Flexible Fashion 046 Bold and Beautiful 048 Hint of Blue 050 Have My Heart 052 Felted Posy 054 Singular Blooms 056 Sparkling Trio 058 Modern Love 060 Botanical Shoe winter spring 062 Classic Sympathy Spray 064 Tradition with a Twist 066 Basic Doesn’t Mean Boring 068 Master Beautiful Bouquet Wraps 070 Beribboned Beauties 072 Bedecked Bangles 074 Easter Parade of Ribbons 076 Garden Romance 078 Clean and Green 080 Making the Rounds 082 Pitcher Perfect 084 Timeless and Sublime 086 Ribbons of Love 088 Hanging Garden 010 Dreamy White Christmas 012 Sustainable Holiday Cheer 014 Oh, Christmas Tree 016 Composite Garland 018 Must-have Knots 020 Yuletide Textures 022 Puttin’ on the Ritz 024 Rose Round 026 Rose Gold Wreath 028 Flaunt Your Flowers 092Now and Later 094 Cascading Floral Wrap 096 Summer Bounty 098 Elevated Elegance 0100 3-Dimensional Décor 0102 Monotone and Multitextral 0104 Molecular Flor-ology 0106 Forest Fantasy 0108 Tropical Nouveau 0110 Circle of Love 0112 Chapeau Vivant 0114 Simply Stunning Setting 0116 Crowning Glory 0118 Bow Tie in Bloom 0120 Petal Passion and Panache 0122 Italian Pergola Inspiration 0124 All’aperto Influence 0126 Floral Foam’s Modern-day Renaissance 0128 Floral Choker 0130 Afternoon Tea 0132 Structured Beauty 0134 Beyond the Basket 0136 Living Artwork 0138 Lush Cascade 0142 Modern Wrist Corsage 0144 Autumn in the Tropics 0146 Sign of the Times 0148 Tailored Wreath 0150 Ghostly Gourd 0152 Say Yes to the Petal Dress 0154 Standing Ovation 0156 Tuscan Boutonnières 0158 Jet-set Jewelry 0160 Chair Embellishment 0162 Festive Feathered Garland 0164 Captivating Crescent 0168 Featured Designers 0173 Sponsors summer fallSEASONS ~ Winter 02 04 03 05 Wrap several small plastic-foam wreath forms and orbs with yarns of your choice. Arrange them atop the planter, and secure them in place with wood picks, stakes or skewers. Add iridescent ornaments in random placements. Insert the Dahlia stems into water tubes, and arrange them throughout the design. Arrange small stems of Brunia, Artemisia, dried Eryngium and skeletonized leaves throughout the design. 01 Place several potted cacti (seven in this design) randomly into the rectangular concrete container, and fill the container with gravel.materials Various potted cacti, ball-form Dahlias, Brunia, Artemisia lactiflora (white mugwort), dried Eryngium x tripartitum (sea holly), skeletonized leaves, rectangular concrete planter, yarn, gravel, wood picks, plastic-foam wreath forms and orbs, water tubes, iridescent ball ornaments. Floral design by Arthur Williams, AIFD, EMC, CPF • Photos by Amanda Baker Photography holiday cheer sustainableSEASONS ~ Spring 01 04 02 05 03 06 Insert a taped wire through holes in one end of the cuff, and twist it to secure it. This wire will bind the corsage to the cuff. Start assembling the corsage by taping together smaller flowers, followed by larger blossoms in the center, and then smaller blooms again. Insert another taped wire through holes in an opposite section of the cuff, and twist it to secure it. Lay the corsage atop the cuff, and wire it to the cuff with the taped wires. Wire and tape individual flowers. Finish by gluing Allium and Nerine blossoms and raspberry leaves into the corsage with liquid floral adhesive. 034materials Wrist cuff from Forever 21; übermatte Color Finish spray (Crema) from Design Master Color Tool; Oasis Floral Adhesive, Oasis Florist Wire (24 gauge) and Floratape Stem Wrap from Smithers-Oasis Company; sharp clippers; spray roses (Rosa spp.), pincushion flowers (Scabiosa spp.), white and terra-cotta Persian buttercups (Ranunculus asiaticus), Allium spp., Guernsey lilies (Nerine sarniensis), raspberry leaves (Rubus spp.) Floral design by Susan McLeary • Photos by Amanda Dumouchelle a wrist corsageSEASONS ~ Chapter Title i.e Spring 01 04 02 05 03 Make a ring of flat cane to fit the outer edge of the opening for your container. Glue Salix viminalis sticks around the armature using your glue gun. Cut six pieces of paddle wire about16inches in length. Evenly around the ring, wrap a wire around the flat cane atthe halfway point of the wire, and twist several times. Pierce Sedum morganianum leaves on each stick, and secure them with floral adhesive. Start weaving flat cane around the wires using a spiral tatami technique until the desired size for the armature is achieved. Be sure to always twist the wire exactly the same number of times in order to maintain the shape and symmetry of the armature. 038 SEASONS ~ SpringFloral design by Leopoldo Gómez spin materials Ranunculus asiaticus (Persian buttercups), Tulipa ‘Dream Touch’ (double peony-flowered tulips), Eucalyptus gunnii (cider gum), Achillea millefolium (yarrow), Salix matsudana‘Tortuosa’ (curly willow), Salix viminalis (dried basket willow), Sedum morganianum (burro’s tail), glass container, flat cane, paddle wire, glue gun, glue sticks liquid floral adhesive.Next >

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