Overseas Investors Guide To UK Property Investment

uk property investing in a guide for overseas investorsthe uk property market The buy to let market in the UK is widely known for its fantastic investment opportunities. With the fifth largest economy in the world, booming house price growth, and strong political and cultural influence, the UK is attracting plenty of attention from overseas investors — and rightly so. In this guide, we’ve put together a summary of the UK property market with reasons why you should consider making an overseas investment with RW Invest. the north The north, particularly the north-west, has grown more and more significant as a UK property hotspot. Endless regeneration projects in Liverpool and Manchester have helped put this region on the map for economic growth, while affordable property prices and increasing rental costs have created some attractive rental yields in these cities. The London Exodus More young people have been leaving London and renting in northern cities like Manchester and Liverpool, taking advantage of the higher affordability, thriving job prospects, and better quality of life. VIEW OPPORTUNITIES > interested in investing in property in the north west? brexit Ever since the outcome of the EU Referendum in 2016, the UK property market has experienced a number of positive changes when it comes to buy-to-let, despite fears that Brexit would negatively impact the property market. Property prices grew by 4.5% in the year to October 2017, while average rents in the UK increased by 4.3%. Brexit & The UK Property Market GET YOUR FREE GUIDE > want to know more about brexit’s impact on the uk property market?predictions Build to rent will continue to rise The number of build-to-rent units that were completed or under construction rose by 30% from September 2017 to September 2018. The build-to-rent market is set to grow further over the coming years, with over 50% of adults aged under 40 expected to be renting by 2025. House Price Growth The UK is set to see house price growth of 14.8% on average between 2019 and 2023. The north-west region is predicted to see the highest rates of growth, with a 21.6% rise over the same period.popular uk property types There are different types of buy-to-let properties for UK investors to consider. Here are two of the most popular options for overseas investors. StudentResidentialstudent Student buy-to-let is so popular due to the demand for student accommodation in the UK. The number of students living in UK accommodation has doubled over the last decade, and more people than ever are being accepted into UK universities. The current UK property hotspots, Liverpool and Manchester, have a combined student population of over 155,000, many of which are overseas students. Student accommodation is often more affordable than other investments, making it ideal for beginner investors with a lower budget. Despite their low cost, student properties also tend to come with high rental yields, especially in buy-to-let hotspot areas. Liverpool’s L7 postcode, for instance, is close to two of Liverpool’s universities and generates rental yields of 9.79% on average. Check out our buy-to-let student properties student population 2.3 MILLION IN 2016/18, THERE WAS A TOTAL OF STUDENT NUMBERS HAVE ALMOST DOUBLED SINCE THE EARLY 90S STUDENTS IN THE UK THE UK BOASTS FOUR OF THE WORLD’S TOP TEN UNIVERSITIES GET YOUR FREE GUIDE > Looking to learn more about the UK Student Property market in 2019? overseas students studying in the uk THE LARGEST PERCENTAGE OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN THE UK ARE FROM CHINA, WITH A TOTAL OFCHINESE STUDENTS 95,090 UNIVERSITIES IN ENGLAND ARE THE MOST POPULAR WITH INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN THE UK, WITH 363,585 ENROLLMENTS IN 2016/17 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CONTRIBUTE AROUND ANNUALLY TOWARDS THE ECONOMY £20.3 BILLIONresidential Residential buy-to-let is another of the UK’s most popular property types. This refers to properties that are rented by any group other than students. Depending on the location, the main demographic for residential properties tends to be young professionals, with city-centre apartments being in high demand for this tenant group. Overseas investors can benefit from residential buy-to-let investment due to the constant demand for these properties. There’s a definite gap between supply and demand in the UK, with rental demand increasing by 13% on an annual basis, while the number of properties actually available for rent has fallen by 4%. Investors that purchase a high-quality buy-to-let residential property are likely to see strong tenant demand when investing in the UK. Check out our buy-to-let residential propertiesuk investment frequently asked questionsNext >

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