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QUICK SHIP LOOK BOOK woven luxury vinyl tilePERFORMANCE WOVEN TEXTILE PHTHALATE FREE RECYCLABLE SLIP RESISTANT WATERPROOF COLORFASTWayflor USA represents a commitment to the American market on the part of Waytex, an internationally recognized leader in luxury woven textiles. It means the texture and performance of our woven flooring is available how you want it and when you need it. Get 2-week shipping on all the Wayflor products featured here—every pattern, every colorway. No waiting, no extra charge. High performance flooring has never been so charismatic or innovative. Lay it in a fitness center, an airport or conference room. Wayflor welcomes even your most challenging environments. Online or through your local WayflorUSA representative, more information is at your fingertips. Visit WayflorUSA.com ADDING WELCOME NEW DIMENSION TO AMERICA’S PREMIERE CONTRACT SPACES Front Cover: Twill Square | 5214 Envy Mystic Plank | PMY6 Green with Envy Detail at Left: Twill Square | 5217 Blue Sapphire5212 Salt & PepperFashion’s most enduring weave comes to floor’s fore. Add a classic, tailored finish to any interior with Twill—perfect for drawing attention to soft furnishings, creating a sense of calm or elevating a casual space. TWILL SQUARE 5210 Shades of Grey5211 Thicket5212 Salt & Pepper5213 Aged Parchment 5214 Envy5217 Blue Sapphire5219 Midnight Sky 50cm x 50cm | RECOMMENDED INSTALLATIONS5SH8 Black and Blue5SH6 Blank Canvas There’s no substitute for age when it comes to creating character—or is there? Shadowcrete uses subtle shifts of tint and shade for an intriguing, aged look, adding unmistakable presence to any space. Sunlight makes the effect even more dramatic. SHADOWCRETE SQUARE 5SH8 Black and Blue5SH7 Grey Area 5SH10 In the Black 50cm x 50cm | RECOMMENDED INSTALLATIONS 5SH9 Brownie Points5MA6 VenetianSet a fresh tone with this playful take on a classic stone pattern. Marbleridge is an unapologetically manmade choice that shows off the depths of its 3D construction in ways that surpass its natural inspiration. MARBLERIDGE SQUARE 5MA1 Azul5MA2 Emperador5MA6 Venetian 50cm x 50cm | RECOMMENDED INSTALLATIONSNext >

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