2019 MFS Marketing Program

Every great band is built upon a partnership, a friendship and a desire to succeed together. Partnering with select suppliers to make 2019 our most successful year sounds like music to our ears! How are we going to create the beautiful sound of success together? Well, a successful business and a great orchestra are both created, operated and maintained using the same fundamental practices. A business needs every department, and every associate, functioning with the same operational rhythm. As well as a leader directing their efforts, resources and vision. Just as an orchestra needs to all follow the form of the music they are playing, along with a maestro to manage their tempo and dynamics. The rhythm and business practices of Merchants Foodservice can be reviewed throughout the pages of our program, much like the notes on a sheet of music. From the prelude of our 114-year history, to the always-evolving marketing efforts of our social media, digital magazine and focused flyers; you will quickly see that the sales growth opportunities within this program are not meant to serenade you, but to offer you the opportunity to compose your own success. Inside of the following pages, you will find that we are helping direct the form of your success, but you choose the beat. Together we have the opportunity to create sustainable sales growth when we work together as partners to create beautiful music for our customers. The notes to our long-term success can be found in partnerships with vendors like you, along with your quality products and our continue investments in our sales team. This success has propelled us across the Southeast into 10 states with a growing base of more than 6,000 customers. We greatly appreciate your trust in all the members of the Big M family, and look forward to another year of proving one of our core principles in our company pledge, which is our promise to always do what we say we’re going to do, whatever it takes. We look forward to taking center stage with you in 2019! Sincerely, Andy Mercier Andy Mercier President and CEO Merchants Foodservice01 SERVICE AREA MAP 03 WHO WE ARE 04 CONTACTS + SOCIAL MEDIA 05 TIER BENEFITS 06 A MERCHANTS VENDOR'S PERSPECTIVE 12 MERCHANTS PLEDGE 13Nebery C lant  acson 03 MERCHANTS FOODSERVICE2019 MARKETING REPORTFounded as the Fain Grocery Company on February 11, 1904, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Merchants Foodservice is now ranked 11th in sales volume among the approximately 2,600 food distribution companies in the United States. We service more than 6,000 customers from distribution centers in Jackson, Mississippi; Newberry, South Carolina; and Clanton, Alabama. Our corporate office remains in Hattiesburg, Mississippi . IN OUR 114 YEARS , Merchants Foodservice has found itself as a pillar in the communities we call home, and we pride ourselves on being a pillar of support and the responsibility that comes with it. This is reflected in our continued investment in community programs , charitable efforts , relief efforts and community service participation by numerous members of the Big M family. The other side of helping to maintain our communities is our commitment to efforts in promoting advancements in sustainability and environmentally safe practices. Our efforts range from energy and water efficiency, carbon emission management and waste minimization and management. Every Merchants Foodservice facility has received a “AA” rating on our BRC facility certifications. This is the highest food safety rating awarded, and is something we pride ourselves on, in our commitment to providing a safe work environment for our 800 associates, and the highest quality service to our customers. 04CONTACTS BOND, DAWN : Buyer (Hattiesburg) (601) 584-4035 • dbond@merchantsfoodservice.com CHURCHILL, JONATHAN: Buyer (Hattiesburg) (601) 584-4037 • jchurchill@merchantsfoodservice.com COLBURN, SANDEE: Buyer (Clanton) (205) 280-1714 • scolburn@merchantsfoodservice.com COWARD, T.C.: Buyer (Jackson) (601) 985-0374 • tcoward@merchantsfoodservice.com GONZALES, RODNEY: Poultry Category Manager (Hattiesburg) (601) 584-3184 • rgonzales@merchantsfoodservice.com GRAHAM, STEVE: Purchasing Manager (601) 584-4011 • sgraham@merchantsfoodservice.com HANBERRY, TIM: Director of Category Management (601) 584-4002 • thanberry@merchantsfoodservice.com HOANG, ANDREW: Buyer (Hattiesburg) (601) 584-4634 • ahoang@merchantsfoodservice.com HUTCHINSON, CHAD: Marketing Coordinator (601) 584-3187 • chutchinson@merchantsfoodservice.com KEMP, STEVE: Seafood Category Manager (Hattiesburg) (601) 584-4025 • skemp@merchantsfoodservice.com KIRK, DENNIS: Buyer (Newberry) (803) 321-1379 • dkirk@merchantsfoodservice.com LAWING, TIM: Buyer (Hattiesburg) (601) 584-4338 • tlawing@merchantsfoodservice.com MCMAHAN, JESSE: Marketing Manager (601) 584-4321 • jmcmahan@merchantsfoodservice.com MOHAMED, BOB: Senior Buyer (Newberry) (803) 321-1395 • bmohamed@merchantsfoodservice.com PUTNAM, TERRY: Buyer (Jackson) (601) 985-0z377 • tputnam@merchantsfoodservice.com REED, RICKY: Vice President of Sales and Marketing (601) 337-9099 • rreed@merchantsfoodservice.com SCUTTI, CHARLIE: Buyer (Hattiesburg) (601) 584-4334 • cscutti@merchantsfoodservice.com TURNER, MICKI: Buyer (Clanton) (205) 280-1720 • mturner@merchantsfoodservice.com WEST, TOM: Vice President of Purchasing (601) 584-4324 • twest@merchantsfoodservice.com t @MerchantsFS@merchantsfs i www.linkedin.com/company/merchantsfs f www.facebook.com/MerchantsFS 05 MERCHANTS FOODSERVICE2019 MARKETING REPORTAPPRECIATION RECEPTION + BIG M GOLF CLASSIC Our annual Partner Appreciation Reception gives us the opportunity to thank you for your hard work and for us to distribute our Supplier of the Year Awards. The following day is our Big M Golf Classic, which features morning and afternoon flights with numerous opportunities to win cash and other prizes. Along with golf, there will be an old-fashioned BBQ lunch with all of the trimmings and other refreshments. Golf proceeds benefit the Donald B. Suber Nutrition and Food Systems Scholarship at The University of Southern Mississippi. CULINARY EXPOS Our staff of marketing professionals will assist you and your team in maximizing your success at all of our culinary expos. Our marketing department will assist you with promotions and special offers, setup arrangements, sales tracking, as well as assisting your associates to ensure customer engagement, brand exposure and product visibility. PRESIDENT'S CLUB INCENTIVE TRIP Merchants’ annual sales incentive trip is a select initiative-only program that is one of our strategic methods to emphasize the brands and products of marketing partners, energize the sales force and stimulate sales growth above normal growth rates. SALES AWARDS BANQUETS Our annual sales awards banquet is hosted to acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of our associates among all three divisions. We extend an invitation to our premier marketing partners to attend this banquet, as they represent a crucial piece to the success of our sales force. 06 MERCHANTS FOODSERVICE2019 MARKETING REPORT07 GOLD [Tiers 3 & 4] SILVER [Tiers 5 & 6]BRONZE [Tiers 7 & 8] PLATNIUM [Tiers 1 & 2] CALENDARS AND PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS Merchants provides exclusive brand exposure year-round, with our popular three-month calendars and our 12-month desk planners. Calendars are distributed to our entire sales force and also to our customer base. Other promotional materials, such as clipboards, customer want lists, and notebooks, can also display your logo and remind customers of your products. SOCIAL MEDIA SPOTLIGHTS AND TARGETED ADS Our social media spotlights and custom ads provide focused brand, product and market targeting for our partners. Our team of graphic designers will work with you to help design a clear and impactful message to current and potential customers SALES LEADERSHIP SUMMITS Our Merchants Foodservice Annual Leadership Summit is a gathering of sales leadership from throughout the company, to discuss ideas that are fundamental fundamental to our continued success together. MONTHLY DIVISION SALES MEETINGS Each of our divisions hosts a monthly sales meeting attended by the entire division sales force, as well as corporate and vendor guests. These meetings allow the sales force to be updated on new and ongoing promotions, new products or product changes, and allow for marketing partners to present and highlight their items during round-robin presentations and general discussions. REGIONAL SHOWS Regional shows are hosted to address special needs and targeted business segments. The target markets of these events have included white tablecloth restaurants, convenience stores, healthcare, and corrections facilities. HEALTHCARE AND SERVSAFE SEMINARS Merchants Nutrition Services brand focuses on healthcare training courses for current and potential customers within a variety of industries, including healthcare and assisted living. These courses provide valuable information on industry trends, new and existing products, and how these products can be optimized for their use. We also offer free ServSafe classes, which are conducted by Merchants’ healthcare specialists and ServSafe certified instructors. These classes are offered to customers’ employees throughout our distribution area. These valuable classes teach employees about safe product handling and serving. Next >

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