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ThanksgivingNOVEMBER 18–29, 2020 the UNITED STATES and IRELAND: CULTURE, NATION, and the STATE ThanksgivingSTUDY ABROAD STUDY ABROADALL PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS BOOKLET WERE TAKEN NOVEMBER 15–25, 2018, OF AND BY UWA STUDENTS AND PROGRAM FACULTY. A UNIVERSITY EDUCATION is less a matter of simply taking courses than of demonstrating you are an educated person. Among other qualities, it means you know how to carry yourself, regardless of what the world throws at you. Foreign study is a traditional indicator of educational attainment—not to mention intellectual sophistication and social refinement—because its value is proven. And now the door is opened to you, through a condensed, cost-controlled program accessible to all UWA students. Welcome to the worldWelcome to the worldJOY RICHARDSON English Montgomery, Alabama Donegal Castle, Donegal Town Welcome to the worldWelcome to the worldWill this be on the test?This isn't a mere "trip"—it's a semester- long, three-credit hour interdisciplinary course, open only to credit- seeking UWA students and those from our partners. Will this be on the test?FORESTED RELIC LANDSCAPE, Cavan Burren National ParkWill this be on the test?You don't have to be an English, Anthropology, or History major or minor to participate! UndeRGRadUateS will enroll in LA 398, an exclusive special topics course for program participants. Non-majors have the option to apply the three hours' credit toward their basic curriculum requirements in History, Anthropology, or American Literature. GRadUate StUdentS in fields other than History, English, and Anthropology will work with program faculty to fashion assignments appropriate to their degree programs. Will this be on the test?dr . ashley dumas is an archaeologist specializing in the development of complex societies and French colonial history in the Southeastern U.S. She is currently working on a book about religious revital- ization among the Creek Indians. CultureWHAT IS CIVILIZATION, AND HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? Over the last 10,000 years and around the world, very different cultures experienced a similar set of changes that led to population growth, complex government, organized religion, and, ultimately, our modern national identities. And it's all tied to food. When Ireland's prehistoric peoples abandoned hunting and gathering for farming and a settled village life nearly 7,000 years ago, they set into motion an irreversible process of cultural change. We will see the monumental results when we explore the landscapes of Cavan Burren (below right), and the passage graves at Loughcrew FRANKIE MALVEO, JR. Accounting Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tullygobbin's Tomb, Cavan Burren National Park Culture(below left), where ancient power and transformative beliefs are writ large in stone and earth. Far from being an extinct ancient practice, civilizations, including the United States, are still engaged in the negotiation of national identity and culture, though our monuments take many forms. I feel more and more the time wasted that is not spent in Ireland. I feel more and more the time wasted that is not spent in Ireland. –LADY GREGORY View from the Loughcrew Cairns, Oldcastle, County Meath I feel more and more the time wasted that is not spent in Ireland. I feel more and more the time wasted that is not spent in Ireland.Next >

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