The Performance First Online Flipbook Maker

Providing the most realistic page turning experience, FlowPaper is optimized to fit brochures, magazines, catalogs and other high quality print publications. Using FlowPaper, you can provide an intuitive, optimized and realistic exprience for your visitors as they read your publications.

Whats an online flipbook?

A flipbook is a way to present your documents as a interactive experience where the browser is used to its full extent in order to provide a realistic and intiutive way of flipping through pages. FlowPaper helps you turn your PDF documents into these experiences by converting the assets inside your PDF documents into responsive HTML5 publications.

How to make and share a flipbook

  • 1
  • Start by importing your PDF

    Drag and drop your PDF file or upload the file from your computer. Select your template and your flipbook will import in seconds.

    There are no specific requirements on the PDFs, large PDFs works perfectly fine. FlowPaper compresses and optimizes the PDF documents so that they are delivered as fast as possible for the web.

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  • Style the viewing experience

    Customize the flipbook so it blends with your branding and colors, apply a background and add your interactive elements. No coding needed!

    Simly adjust colors, backgrounds and other design elements by modifying their properties on the right-hand side inside the publisher.

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  • Upload, Publish and Share

    You can choose if you want to host the publication on your own server or if you want to upload it the cloud. Embed the publication in full screen on your web site or share it on social networks.

    Let your flipbooks blend

    The most customizable solution ever. Make the experience yours.


    Customize and Make it Yours

    FlowPaper allows you to customize the design of your flipbooks to match your brand and make them more visually appealing to your readers.


    Fully Coded in HTML5

    The flipbooks that are produced with FlowPaper are made with HTML5, making them customizable out to the last pixel.


    Runs Everywhere

    FlowPaper supports all major devices. The optimized publications always load fast no matter where.


    Zoom, Pinch and Pan

    FlowPaper supports all major hand gestures such as pinch and pan gestures, making it easy for users to interact with and engage with the content.

    Maximize Your Audience

    Reach all your visitors without compromising on loading speed or experiece

    Example flipbook publications

    The publications below have been created using FlowPaper, showcasing some of the different styles and settings that can be made with FlowPaper.

    Case Study

    Qantas - Online Catalog

    See how Qantas uses FlowPaper Zine to reach hundreds of thousands of their members when sending out offers and catalogs.


    Realism and Interactivity

    Provide your visitors with the most realistic and interactive experience available without compromising on download speed or text sharpness. FlowPaper enhances and optimizes the publications in both aspects.


    Add Audio and Video

    Enhance the reading experience for your audience with audio and video elements. You can incorporate your own audio and video files or embed URLs from YouTube or Vimeo.


    Embed and Protect

    A flipbook with a realistic page turning effect, when embedded, adds a visually appealing and interactive element to your content. FlowPaper allows you to restrict your publications to be embedded on only your website.


    Image Slideshows

    Transform a series of images into a visually appealing slideshow within your flipbook. Customize the order, duration, size, and other aspects of the photos to create the perfect slideshow for your travel brochure.


    Share Everywhere

    Increase the reach and engagement of your digital publication by sharing it on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This will allow your customers to easily access and share your content, helping to expand your audience.