FlexPaper 2.1.9 Release notes

Sunday 3rd November 2013

This maintenance release fixes a number of minor bugs and two security issues in some of our PHP and ASP.NET example scripts. A special thanks to Craig Arendt for identifying these issues!

We encourage you to update to this version.

  • onDocumentLoadedError now supplying error text in HTML4 & HTML5 mode

  • CSS performance improvements from removing unnessecary > * selectors
  • Improved security restrictions for how documents are loaded in our PHP/ASP.NET/JAVA examples
  • onInitializationComplete event added which fires when the viewer has initialized
  • Issue fixed for the annotations bottom toolbar on touch based devices
  • Issue corrected related to not being able to draw on visible pages on iOS7 devices in some scenarios
  • Slight corrections in relation to touch support for iPad (HTML4/HTML5) mode when viewing the document in portait mode
  • Issue fixed where certain user defined links would not appear properly in Zine (HTML4/HTML5 mode)
  • Fixed an issue where the Zine viewer in HTML4/HTML5 mode would shrink too much when resizing the window
  • FlexPaper Desktop Publisher now escapes all non-ascii characters (for example, ‘å’ becomes ’u00e5’) when exporting JSON files which will help in making more PDF files IE7 compatible when using the HTML4/HTML5 modes

  • Issue fixed where PDF files would not be downloadable in Zine flash version even if the download icon had been included
  • Issue corrected in a scenario where setting MaxZoomSize caused viewer not to be able to zoom when using Zine in HTML5/HTML4
  • Issue corrected where slider input controls in desktop publisher were not initialized properly
  • New style property added to FlexPaper Zine: ability to turn stretching of background on or off
  • Fixed an issue where custmo background color was not being set properly for tablet devices in Zine