FlowPaper 2.5.0 Release Notes

Monday 24th October 2016

Our newest release of our Desktop Publisher is here! We’re especially excited to finally announce version 2.5.0 as it includes things that we know many of you have been requesting for quite a while. The big item in version 2.5.0 is that it supports integrated cloud hosting which will allow you to upload and share publications using our cloud service (powered by Amazon S3 + CloudFlare). This service was built with the people in mind who do not have any hosting set up yet or simply do not want to set up their own hosting to share their publications. You’ll find this new method for sharing your publications after clicking on the “Publish” button in the top right corner of the desktop publisher. You can find more details about this service on our download page.

Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

  • Fixed an issue where encrypted Zine publications would load corrupted images on some web servers
  • Fixed an issue where the viewer was being show too early causing the size of the viewer to be incorrectly calculated (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where the viewer would not fit its width after performing a search even if FitWidthOnLoad was set (Classic)
  • Removed unintentional hover shadow on links (Zine)
  • Increased max zoom factor for touch devices (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where sub pixel rounding would cause blurryness in Elements publications under Chrome on Windows (Elements)
  • Fixed an issue where two fold publications were not being adjusted properly in Flash mode (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where the last page of publications with odd page numbers would still show the nav bar (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where the bottom (fisheye style) thumbnails would not resize back to their original size in certain scenarios (Zine)
  • Added the ability to set page animation style to each Zine publication in the publisher (Zine)
  • Annotations viewer now using the annotated PDF to trigger print for better printing quality (Annotations)
  • Moved video snapshots, backgrounds and images into images/ for publications created for Zine in the Desktop Publisher for consistency and improved resource sharing (Zine)
  • Improved cross domain image loading for Zine to avoid security exceptions being thrown if images are located on a different server (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue related to differently sized pages (Classic)
  • Added the ability to upload and share publications on FlowPaper cloud (Powered by Amazon Web Services) (Desktop Publisher)
  • Added additional checks for the output size in Zine to avoid some publications from creating too large outputs when split into individual files (Desktop Publisher)
  • Improved the way the Desktop Publisher processes the output formats to avoid reprocessing formats that are already created (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue for two fold publications which were using incorrect dimensions for their thumbnails (Zine, Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where all pages would not be republished properly on Windows in some scenarios (Desktop Publisher)
  • Desktop Publisher now supporting proxy settings. Supply the “–[email protected]:address:port” parameter to the Desktop Publisher if you want to start it with proxy support (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where having the sharing dialgoue open would still cause the viewer to flip pages in some cases if corners were clicked (Zine)
  • Fixed a few issues for Elements where it wasn’t possible to edit the TOC properly for publications with no TOC as start (Desktop Publisher)

We’re releasing Zine at the beginning of this week, with Classic following shortly after.