FlowPaper 3.1.2 Release Notes

Monday 23rd October 2017

The points below highlight some of the more noticeable changes this month. Mainly Elements and Zine has been affected by this months changes.

How to update
You typically don’t need to update your converted resources if you’re only interested in behavioural fixes. You can replace the js/ and css/ directory of any existing publication to update.


  • Added support for YouTube’s short url variant (youtu.be) (Desktop Publisher)
  • Added the ability to export invisible text for Zine (Desktop Publisher)
  • Improved rendering for Zine in Firefox (Desktop Publisher)
  • Zine is now able to show the outline of a document when only providing a PDF file (Zine)
  • Improved page loading to avoid pages being interrupted incorrectly on slow network connections (Zine)
  • Improved output rendering quality for two-fold publications in flatten/compressed mode (Desktop Publisher, Zine)
  • It is now possible to define where sections should start when using the Reflowable mode (Desktop Publisher)
  • Its now possible to go into full screen (simulated) in iOS when using Elements (Desktop Publisher)
  • Various improvements to the editing mode for Elements (Desktop Publisher)
  • Improvements to the reflow TOC menu that pops up from the top right corner (Desktop Publisher)
  • Improved font loading for IE / Edge when using flatten/compress (Zine, Desktop Publisher)
  • Zine now updates the #page hash parameter when navigating, making it easier to return to the last read page when returning to the viewer (Zine)
  • Improved bottom margin for Zine when using the viewer without bottom thumb nails (Desktop Publisher)
  • Improved the Elements mode so that fonts won’t need re-conversion when opening existing publications (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where the TOC changes were not being saved when using the Elements viewer after reopening a existing publication (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where the publication title was incorrectly escaped when publication preview was set (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where some fonts went missing after changing output settings under Zine (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where PDFs using non-embedded standard fonts where texts that had italic were not having their italic set properly (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where the zine viewer would get 35px padding area at the bottom of the viewer after a resize occurred for some scenarios (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where uploading to the cloud service failed in some cases where the file got locked by the file system (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where disabling the bottom thumbnails in Zine would render a margin too small in some browsers (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where importing multiple files at the same time would import the files in wrong order in some cases (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where relatively positioned viewers were causing the text to be mispositioned in some cases (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where soft hyphens were appearing incorrectly in FlowPaper Elements (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where uploading the same publication twice to FlowPaper cloud would fail to refresh the publication (Desktop Publisher)