FlowPaper 3.1.4 Release Notes

Tuesday 7th November 2017

This is a smaller release mainly containing stability improvements for the desktop publisher. The release is being rolled out in the next 24h. Below is a short summary of changes:

  • Ongoing improvements and corrections to the reflow (vertical) mode (Desktop Publisher)
  • Electron framework updated (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where the desktop publisher got locked when reloading the Elements viewer continously (Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed a regression issue for Safari where using HTML rendered a lower quality (Zine)
  • Fixed an issue where printing compressed/flattened publications caused the output not to fit in Safari (Zine, Desktop Publisher)
  • Fixed an issue where external urls were not opened properly when loaded inside an iframe on iOS devices (Zine)
  • Improvements to image loading in Zine when using compress/flatten (Desktop Publisher)