FlowPaper 3.1.8 Release Notes

Friday 2nd March 2018

We’re rolling out version 3.1.8 this week and you’ll notice that things have been moved around a bit in the desktop publisher to give room for new settings and features that are coming in the next few months. We’re mainly allocating more space to the main design area by moving settings into expandable panels to the left. The right hand panels are intended to be context sensitive. Let us know if there is any setting you can’t locate and we’ll help you out! Our documentation will be updated accordingly.

  • Its now possible to set background alpha colour for Zine
  • Improvements to the Zine template that has the toolbar in the bottom
  • The main UI has been updated and now hides some of the settings under a new left menu which gives more screen area to view the publications
  • Improved font loading in the Elements viewer
  • Overall stability improvements to the system libraries involved in the desktop publisher
  • Improvements to section matching in reflow/vertical mode
  • Improved error handling for broken bookmark links
  • Exporting hidden text in Elements will now keep the text searchable but render invisible
  • FlowPaper elements now compresses output in order to save space when transferred
  • The desktop publisher now has a new dashboard screen where you can access your previous publications as well as a new template guide with easier access to the templates that are available
  • Fixed an issue where the alternating lines animation was running incorrectly in Safari (Elements)
  • Fixed an issue where some fixed-layout pages were incorrectly adjusted in the viewer when using Reflow
  • Fixed an issue where some value sliders in the desktop publisher did not update when new values were set
  • Fixed an issue where some fixed layout areas in reflowable publications were not scaling properly
  • Fixed an issue where some reflowed texts were using header tags as opposed to body text when larger than the detected header
  • Fixed an issue where the –proxy-server= argument was not being respected