FlowPaper 3.1.9 Release Notes

Monday 9th April 2018

We’re rolling out version 3.1.9 in the next 24-48h. Here are the changes worthy of notice;

  • Fixed an issue where supplying a start page with odd number when in landscape would start at wrong page (Zine)
  • Improved the dashboard with preview links for each template
  • Improved saving progress when using the reflow mode
  • The elements viewer is now supporting text gradients in fixed layout
  • Added support for Wistia videos
  • Added checks for recreating the preview when users has cleared the output directory after publishing the final copy and decides to continue working
  • Improved image injection in reflow mode
  • Fixed an issue where setting an incorrect background color would cause the viewer to fail to load (Zine, Elements)
  • Moved the editing tools out of the main area to give more space for editing and added new shortcuts for entering and exiting the edit mode
  • Improvements to emulation
  • Improvements in switching into edit mode
  • The desktop publisher now lets you see your style changes directly without having to press apply settings
  • Fixed an issue where the template having the bottom toolbar didn’t use the correct background color behind the toolbar
  • Added linkedin to the social sharing popup in Elements
  • Added rel=prev and rel=next to navigation buttons in the Elements viewer template
  • Fixed a regression issue related to IE11 in FlowPaper Elements
  • Fixed an issue related to two-fold publications not being adjusted properly when the page sizes are slightly different
  • We have raised the image output quality when using the maximum setting in the conversion profile for Zine