FlowPaper 3.3.1 Release Notes

6 May 2019

We trust that you’re enjoying the spring on the northern hemisphere. We’re still enjoying a few summer vibes here in New Zealand. This release does as usual contains a number of performance and stability improvements but the bigger news item this month is the new ‘Snap to Read Zooming’ feature which is available with our ‘Elements’ template. It basically lets your end users quickly zoom into a specific paragraph, which is particularly useful on mobile devices where pinching and zooming can sometimes be tough. Try it using your smartphone on the publication below!

Other notable changes:

  • Fixed an issue where the imported, downloadable PDF wouldn’t be overwritten properly even though that option would be set (Zine)
  • The elements viewer now supports a new ‘Snap Reader’ mode which lets the reader zoom in and snaps to a paragraph without having to zoom and pinch
  • Fixed an issue related to printing on Windows where the page wouldn’t auto fit the page size automatically on Windows due to a change in Chrome
  • Improved SEO output for the Zine template
  • Fixed a few navigational glitches for the Elements/flip template
  • Improved touch gestures handling in FlowPaper elements
  • The elements template now supports ‘transparent’ as background colour