FlowPaper 3.3.6 Release Notes

24 February 2020

Kia Ora! FlowPaper have undergone a number of performance optimizations for our web services during January which ensures stability and performance as we’re moving into 2020.

Apart from the cloud hosting upgrades; here’s a list of summarized changes that has been peformed.

  • A number of memory performance improvements as well as output optimizations for Elements and Zine
  • It is now possible to add custom CSS rules to your publications
  • PDFTk, which was used for some operations, is no longer installed together with FlowPaper on Mac OSX
  • Minor improvements text animations in FlowPaper Elements
  • TOC will now close on small screens to make sure the underlying content is visible after navigating
  • It is now possible to add custom CSS rules to the publications (Elements & Zine)
  • Fixed a memory leak which prevented very large publications from processing properly
  • It is now possible to use branding logos up to 250 px wide
  • Fixed an issue for Zine where the publication wouldn’t rescale in all cases when going into full screen from an iframed page
  • Improved the accuracy in font rendering regarding italic/bold if the font has those properties embedded as part of the font.
  • Fix to improve the download of multiple PDF files at the same time in Zine when using split mode
  • Fix for self-hosted videos not showing when password was applied to the publication

Kia Kaha!