FlowPaper 3.4.5 Release Notes

11 December 2020

  • Clicking anywhere in a publication when in miniature mode now expands the viewer into full screen
  • Various fixes for heatmap data collection in FlowPaper Elements
  • Heat maps are now available for re:flow publications
  • FlowPaper now supports Google Analytics 4 via Google Tag Manager
  • It is now possible to create publications from scratch via the dashboard using the Re:flow and Elements template
  • You can now customize your cloud url via the account area
  • It is now possible to add image galleries to Zine publications
  • A number of issues related to dragging/dropping elements in the Re:flow template have been fixed
  • It is now possible to make columns the same size using a new toolbar icon in Re:flow
  • New block templates added to the re:flow template
  • Electron framework updated (Desktop Publisher)
  • User changes are now kept in Elements publications when using the “add pages” functionality to add new PDF pages
  • FlowPaper Elements now supports custom page labels
  • A number of fixes applied to the replace/insert pages routines
  • Added the option of adding pages after a selected page in the page navigator
  • Corrected a number of issues related to deleting and adding pages to existing publications
  • It is now possible to upgrade your cloud storage to up to over 500 additional publications via the account area

Kia Kaha!