FlowPaper 3.5.6 Release Notes

3 January 2022

As we’re entering the new year, we want to reach out and send a special thank you to all our customers who continued to choose us as their digital publication platform for 2021! We have a number of exciting features that are due to be released this year. We’re starting off with a easy going platform update which improves stability and performance across all products.

  • Upgraded the electron runtime which powers the installed version of the desktop publisher to the latest version. This improves stability and performance to the installed version of FlowPaper Desktop Publisher
  • Improved search loader indicator for Zine
  • It is now possible to extract and animate image inside the Elements template
  • Undo/redo now available in the reflow/mobile first template
  • Adjustments to font scaling in FlowPaper Zine to optimize sharpness
  • Adjusted video embeds to make sure they play without having to click them more than once. This had to be adjusted after Google changed their browser policy around autoplaying videos
  • Improved page flipping speed in Zine
  • Upgraded the Electron framework for the desktop publisher, improving overall stability and performance
  • A fix was applied where the language of the UI wasn’t passed through properly to the text-to-speech functionality in accesisble elements documents
  • Corrections for autoplaying video clips
  • Adjustments to device pixel ratio for optimal image quality in Zine
  • A number of improvements added to the mobile first template in both stability and accuracy

Kia Kaha!