FlowPaper 3.6.2 Release Notes

25 October 2022

Our latest 3.6.2 release is targetted on improving the conditions for editing and adding interactive elements, with particular focus around hotspots for links, images and video elements. Hotspots are essentially links that appear as pulsing points of interest. These complement traditional link areas where you want get the visitor’s attention.

The list below summarizes the set of changes affecting this version:

  • A number of smaller improvements in relation to animations for the Elements template
  • Corrected an issue related to videos not playing as intended on some mobile devices after a image gallery had been clicked on
  • Improved the video quality for publication previews
  • Improved edit mode with easier to understand edit buttons
  • It is now possible to animate images using the Elements template without the risk of breaking the layout when the image is “detached” from the PDF page
  • Improved lazy loading of image thumbnails in very large reflow publications
  • Spotlight images now available in FlowPaper Elements
  • Hotspot links, images and videos are now available in Zine and Elements
  • A number of corrections and improvements for importing image files as well as the ability to drop image files into the drop zone
  • Fixed an issue where table of contents wouldn’t close properly on some mobile devices when using the Zine template
  • Improved the look and behavior of the image/photo spotlight feature

Example Publication with Hotspots

You can see a demo below featuring the hotspot features mentioned in the release notes above