FlowPaper 3.6.6 Release Notes

26 March 2023

After a bit of a delay in releases, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are pleased to announce our latest version of FlowPaper. New Zealand had 2 significant weather events at the start of this year. The first at the end of January and another one a couple of weeks later around the 13th of February. First flooding and later on a cyclone. This affected one of our offices which set us back in time. We apologize for the delay this has caused in responding during this time.

Nonetheless, we’re back on our feet with a new version of FlowPaper this week.

  • New detailed analytics available for your publications when you have analytics turned on
  • 3D performance improvements to FlowPaper Zine
  • Improved timing of flip sound that can be played when pages are turned in the Zine template
  • Added “superscript” support via button to mobile-first editing
  • Chrome performance improvements
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Added a new shadow setting for the Elements template (Drop Shadow)
  • Added page-level analytics for all publications to the account area
  • Added audio started and video started events for in-page level analytics