FlowPaper 3.6.8 Release Notes

17 May 2023

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, we trust that you are looking forward to a warm and pleasant summer. Here in New Zealand, we’re getting closer to our winter and after a few weather hickups during the first quarter of 2023, we’re marching on with force. We have a number of larger updates coming this year and will be releasing things continuously when we feel there is enough value to our customers in the functionality that has passed through our Q&A testing. For this month, we’re pleased to announce a number of changes.

You now have the ability to import PDF forms and collect data from your visitors. This data will be appearing in the account area for each publication. PDF forms support text input boxes, select boxes, checkboxes and radio buttons. Initially, the Zine template provides this support but we will also be adding support to the Elements template in the next week.

Version 3.6.8 will be available to download in the next few days. You will receive the update automatically if you use the the web version which is available at https://flowpaper.com/app/

Summarized, here are the major points for this release:

  • Added support for custom form fields on pages. Form fields that are part of the PDF will be imported.
  • Updated our conversion and rendering libraries - this affects all areas with improved stability and rendering quality when importing and converting documents
  • Improved support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean languages

Kia Kaha!