FlowPaper 3.6.9 Release Notes

30 June 2023

We’re glad to announce vesion 3.6.9 of FlowPaper. This version contains a number of minor corrections as well as improved support for our right-to-left readers. The Zine template now supports all functionality in RTL mode.

Here’s a summarized list of some of the noticable bug fixes/changes this release:

  • Improved support for RTL (Right To Left) reading order. The desktop publisher will now detect RTL language automatically and the bottom thumbnails are providing better support
  • Good news for our creative license holders, we have increased the cloud quota from 50 to 75 for all cloud hosted publications!
  • Improved stability for the replace/delete/add page functionality
  • Improved pixel rounding accuracy for Zine resulting in improved overall sharpness
  • Corrected a bug with the Elements tempalate where the accessibility mode would corrupt the background in some scenarios

Version 3.6.9 will be available shortly in the download area. The online version of the publisher will update automatically.

Kia Kaha!