FlowPaper 3.7.0 Release Notes

10 July 2023

We have recently made a number of enhancements to the Zine template and we know a number of users are eager to getting access to these enhancements quickly. We’ve therefore decided to release another version of FlowPaper this week.

This release mainly focuses on the navigation panel at the bottom of the Zine template, which has been changed to now use the same navigator as was previously only available in Elements. It also improves the available reading space for mobile devices when using the Zine template so that the space is used more efficiently. In summary, here are the points addressed in this release:

  • Improved bottom navigator for FlowPaper elements so the slider now works on touch only devices
  • Improved reading space utilisation in the Zine template when viewing portrait mode on a mobile device
  • We have made the Zine mobile UI more minimalist with less controls that are shown per default and a transparent menu background which is less intrusive for small displays
  • We have changed the default bottom navigator for Zine so it uses the same navigator as FlowPaper Elements. This provides better utilisation of the screen estate and better mobile accessibility across the Zine templates.

Kia Kaha!